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Remote Employment and Talent Spotlight: Philippines

What can you expect in this session?

Finding, hiring and retaining the right employees is exceptionally hard right now. However, the right people are out there if you know where to look. It’s easy to forget that now, your talent pool is no longer restricted to what’s in your backyard. Now, we have the opportunity to think global and start looking beyond borders.

The remote work revolution, accelerated by the pandemic, has opened up a world of opportunities for both businesses and candidates. In our recent The World Awakens panel series, we set out to improve how to approach distributed employment. Why? We believe organisations that are able to succeed in a remote first world will achieve better outcomes for both the business and their employees.
To continue this conversation we’re starting a new series that spotlights remote employment around the world and how to access the best talent no matter where you – or your dream team – are located.

We’ve invited the Philippines’s leading talent market expert, Philip Gioca, Country Manager at SEEK Asia Philippines, to talk with Employment Hero’s David Holland, GM of Talent Solutions and Crystal Dickson, Head of Global Teams, about the current opportunities and considerations of remote working in the Philippines. In this one hour session, you’ll gain insights on remote working adoption including barriers, challenges and enablers; and talent market trends in this island chain country.

What will the panel cover?

  • An overview of remote work in the Philippines
  • Key tools, resources and methodologies for remote work
  • Key challenges and considerations of the talent market in the Philippines
  • Trends and growth sectors of the talent market in the Philippines
  • Their best tips and advice for attracting and accessing great talent globally

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