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Pilates: Free Digital Lunchtime Class

Shape Thu, August 05, 2021
Shape 12:00pm AEST

Pilates: Free Digital Lunchtime Class

Need a mid-week mental and physical pick-me-up? Join us for some lunchtime Pilates!

We have a great session planned with Ash Veale, co-founder of ember Pilates. Ash will talk us through some of the key benefits of Pilates (particularly as corporate workers!) and will run a 20-minute Pilates and stretch session.

Everyone is welcome to join –all you need is yourselves, a mat / towel and some gym clothes!

What we’re covering off in this session:

  • Live Class! 20 minute signature “burn” class to get the blood and oxygen flowing
  • ember Pilates: Why we started our pilates practice
  • History of pilates and why the principles of practise are still so relevant today
  • Benefits of pilates in everyday life – flexibility/mobility/stretch/injury prevention and more!
  • Why movement and physical exercise is so important in lockdown – resilience, mental clarity, motivation, routine

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Register for your free lunchtime session
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