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Important industrial relations updates 2020-2021

What did you miss last year?

2020 was a year like no other – the year started with catastrophic bushfires and whispers of a mysterious illness originating out of China. March rolled around and COVID-19 really kicked off – sending masses of Australians into hysteria (cue toilet paper shortages) and into lockdown. Soon after, a slew of new economic stimulus measures were announced and JobKeeper and JobSeeker became embedded in Australia’s vocab. Other words and phrases like unprecedented, iso, a new normal, doomscrolling, rona – the list goes on – find themselves overused and tiresome. Add a number of global disasters and the US elections, and it’s no wonder you might have missed some important employment updates last year.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Employment experts, Ben Thompson and Simon Obee are hosting a Q&A to cover off the major industrial updates of 2020 and what’s to come in 2021. Please join us for our first webinar of the year, we look forward to answering your most pressing questions.

What will be covered:

  • Quick recap on JobKeeper payments
  • A refresher on annualised salary changes
  • Updates to the casual leave entitlements
  • Enterprise agreements and simplification of the BOOT test
  • Plus, Ben and Simon will be answering your questions

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