Fact Sheets & White Paper

What Employees Want.

Recruiting and retaining employees should be at the forefront of every employers mind. What do Australian employees expect from their workplace? What key factors influence their decision to accept a job? What causes them to resign?

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bad bosses

How To Deal With Bad Bosses In Your Business

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. If your turnover rates are problematic, the first thing you need to do is identify whether you have bad people managers on staff.

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To hire, or not to hire in HR? [Free Toolkit]

Not sure whether you need an HR Manager, a consultant or some software to help you with your people power?

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Disability: The mother of innovation

Your Complete business case for fostering diversity in the workplace

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The HR Manager’s Guide to Choosing The Best HR Software

HR Software is an invaluable business tool. Not only can it eliminate most HR admin, but it can provide you with actionable insights that increase employee productivity across the board.

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The small business owner’s guide to hiring new employees

As a small business owner, it’s very difficult to know when to hire staff, as the timing has to be just right.

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How To Stamp Out Bullying

Whether it’s higher absenteeism rates, lower staff productivity, plummeting staff morale, or the loss of skilled workers through resignation, the symptoms of workplace bullying come in many forms.

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Non for profits: Managing Volunteers

Whatever the true economic value, for many not-for-profit organisations, volunteers are your very lifeblood.

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How To Manage A Toxic Employee

The old saying that one bad apple can ruin the barrel also holds true in the workplace. If ignored, just one toxic employee can infect your entire workplace.

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Complete Guide: Managing Staff Over Holidays

As an early Christmas present, we’ve wrapped up everything you need to know to avoid employment headaches over the festive season in one handy guide.

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The Essential Guide To HR Compliance

Don’t push essential HR tasks to the bottom of your to-do list. You need to be proactive in the area of HR, and recognise and resolve HR mistakes before they become serious problems and costly legal claims.

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How Virtual Reality Will Transform HR And The Modern Workplace

Virtual reality (VR) is going to transform HR and the modern workplace as we know it. In this eBook, we’ll reveal the key areas of your business where VR will have the most impact.

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company culture

Why Company Culture Is Key To Business Success

Why does every business need to work on culture? Globally, organisations with strong employer brands do far better in attracting and retaining top talent.

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How To Engage & Retain A Millennial Workforce

Employee Benefits & HR Tech are the definite must-haves.

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Engaging Employees: A Key Competitive Differentiator

With employee churn comes high business costs. Studies show that an engaged workforce increases productivity and drives profitability.

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6 Of The Latest Tech Trends In HR

Smart entrepreneurs and small businesses can now use HR solutions with only a minimal amount of commitment to funds and resources.

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11 Reasons to Switch From Traditional HR to SaaS HR

This is happening for many reasons, and we’ll explore these shortly. But first of all, what exactly is SaaS?

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7 Ways That Automated HR Can Transform Your Business

If you’re not on board, then you could be giving your competitors a big advantage.

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Make 2017 the Year of Employee Financial Wellness

Employer supported financial education is fast becoming a “best practice” among leading employers who want to create a productive and profitable workforce.

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How To Reap The Rewards Of Employee Wellness

Whatever wellness initiatives you choose, when you show your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing, they respond by being more engaged with your business and more productive too.

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Ebook Hospitality

5 HR Issues Your Hospitality Business Must Prioritise

Whether you run a café, pub, bar, tavern, provide accommodation or operate a takeaway food outlet, it’s so important you make every effort to get the basics of workplace compliance right.

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