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How to establish a graduate program

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Graduate Program Guide

What’s in the guide?

While graduates are often overlooked by employers, they have a great deal to offer. Graduates coming out of their degrees and courses will be buzzing with the most up to date industry knowledge, have a valuable range of skills, and will be looking to make the very best of first impressions.

Graduates are often keen to seize opportunities, and from an employer’s perspective, their fresh sponge-like minds are primed to soak up whatever you can teach them. These fresh faced young professionals are leaders of the future and a graduate program is a win-win approach to mould them into the employees you need.

If you’re keen to

  • expand your team with enthusiastic and driven early career talent
  • leverage an attractive, affordable investment to hire candidates with huge potential at an entry-level industry rate
  • develop a program to train graduates with the knowledge, skills and experience you need in your team

… Then look no further.


In this guide we’ll cover:

  • The benefits of providing a graduate program
  • How to set graduate program goals
  • The key elements of a successful graduate program
  • The Steps for establishing a stellar graduate program
  • Common pitfalls of graduate schemes.

We’ve even included a graduate program 1:1 template for performance reviews.

Ready to dive in?

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