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4 Part Digital Bootcamp
How to Build a Remote Ready Workforce.

From the office to home, learn how to be a remote ready leader with this 4 part digital bootcamp series from Employment Hero.

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4 part series remote ready bootcamp
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What you can expect.

Your hosts, Ben Thompson and Alex Hattingh will take you through workshops designed to help you create a remote ready workforce. 

Simply register once and you'll have access to all four sessions on the remote ready way.

Part 1: Establishing Trust and a Regular Cadence
Part 2: Strategic Alignment and Goal Setting (OKRs)
Part 3: Reward and Recognition
Part 4: Learning and Development

Workshops will draw on what we've learnt at Employment Hero, as well as Ben and Alex's combined 35 years of experience in people management. 


  1. Is this free?
  2. Can I sign up at anytime?
    Yes you can, and we'll send you a copy of any of the workshops you've missed.
  3. Will this be interactive?
    Sure will be. We'll make sure to have dedicated time to answer your burning questions.
  4. I'm not sure this is relevant to me, should I sign up anyway?
    Yep, may as well come and check it out.
  5. Will you send reminders?
    We will! But remember, we will record the sessions so you'll have a chance to watch them in your own time anyway.

Full Transcripts.

If reading is more your thing, we're doing our best to make these bootcamp sessions as accessible as possible by providing the full Bootcamp transcript.