Person Signing Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Customer Referral Terms and Conditions

1. You confirm that the details you are providing:

  • relate to an actual person and/or organisation with whom you are directly familiar, and you have the permission of the contact to disclose to us, and
  • to the best of your knowledge and understanding are complete and accurate.

2. You acknowledge that:

  • EH will use the information to qualify the lead and may use the information to contact the person and/or organisation, and
  • that we may reference your name as the source of the referral.

3. You acknowledge that, in the event the lead:

  • does not relate to an individual or organisation that EH is in discussions with or has been in discussions with during the previous 12 months, 
  • results in the sale of an EH subscription product for a minimum annual value of $500 or more, and
  • EH has received 3 monthly payments from the Customer

EH will provide you with a digital gift card to a maximum value of $250.

4. You consent to EH contacting you regarding your referral and information relating to the referral program. 

5. The decision to award a gift card and the nature of the card will be at the sole discretion of EH and provided to the email address of the Referrer.  


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