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An Earned Wage Access product that gives users on-demand access to their earned wages before payday.

No interest or hidden costs, just one fixed fee.*

What is InstaPay?

InstaPay is a Swag Money feature available to employees of organisations using Employment Hero HR and connected Payroll.

InstaPay is an Earned Wage Access product that gives users early access to their earned wages before payday. For a $3 fee per transaction,* your employees can request up to 50% of their earned wages, which is capped at a maximum of $250 per week.

Because it’s money they’ve already earned, there’s no interest, credit or late fees involved.

InstaPay was created by the team behind Employment Hero to help employees access their earned wages on-demand. InstaPay offers an alternative to high-interest credit cards, Buy Now Pay Later and costly payday loans.

How do my employees use InstaPay?

  1. Log into the Swag app.

  2. Tap Money.

  3. Tap Income.

  4. Tap InstaPay.

  5. Enter the amount you want (a minimum of $100) and tap Next.

  6. Select the account you want your Instapay payment to be made to.

  7. Review your request and tap the Complete Request button.

  8. Tap the Got It button.

Financial wellbeing
What does my payroll team need to know?

Payroll managers do not need to do any admin. When a user requests InstaPay, Employment Hero funds that request to the users nominated account. Any withdrawals are then automatically registered as a deduction within the compatible payroll connection within the next pay cycle.

For information on what Payroll Administrators should be aware of, please read our guide below.

What are the fees and charges?

Users pay a $3 fee to draw down an InstaPay amount into their Swag Spend account. Drawdowns into an external bank account incur a $4 fee.

Why did we create InstaPay?

InstaPay promotes financial wellbeing by revolutionising the traditional pay cycle.

Employees get real-time payments for the work they’ve done, which promotes better budgeting and reduces reliance on short-term credit to bridge the payday gap.

Historically, we’ve been paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly because of administrative headaches like paper-based processes, payroll tax, compliance and regulation, bank management and liaising with accountants.

Today, payroll doesn’t need time-consuming processes.

Thanks to leaps in digital technology InstaPay enables employees to be paid in real-time, as soon as they’ve earned it.

With limits set and calculations based on their unpaid net pay owed, your employees cannot take out more money than you can afford. The minimum withdrawal is $100 and the maximum is $250 per week, up to 50% of an employees owed pay.

InstaPay fees are $3 per withdrawal into a Swag Spend Account and $4 per withdrawal into an external bank account.

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