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Rostering Software.

Rostering Software.

Employment Hero Payroll makes rostering easier and more efficient for every business. Rostering software that will revolutionise your business.

“Employment Hero has taken a 3-day rostering job down to 2 hours.”

Alicia Hurley, YCSS

“Employment Hero has taken a 3-day rostering job down to 2 hours.”

Alicia Hurley, YCSS

Dynamic rostering

Employment Hero Payroll has a drop and drag system that allows you to control your schedule and budget with suggestions and rostering automations. You can create roster templates, set qualifications against a shift to find the right employees, allow employees to self-manage their shifts within set rules and so much more.

Roster templates

Save time building your rosters by creating roster templates through Employment Hero Payroll. You’ll be able to build out a series of roster templates for different days or seasons to save you time in developing and building rosters.

Shift bidding

Trying to fill open shifts can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for managers and small business owners. Be more efficient with your rosters using Employment Hero Payroll shift bidding feature. Shift bidding allows managers and small business owners open shifts up to a group of employees and let them nominate to fill the shift on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Budgeting rules

We want to help small to medium businesses thrive and helping out with budgeting is an important way we do this. Set the amount of money you want to spend on wages each day and use your budget rules feature to ensure you stay on track. You will get notified when you’re approaching budget so you can make necessary adjustments. Roster costs also take into consideration award rules per employee.

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Why Every Business Needs A Rostering Software


Rostering software with HeroPay

There are plenty of reasons why your business needs a rostering software like ours. Regardless of how small your team is, rostering software is crucial to the running operations of your business. Without rosters, there would be an uproar of confusion amongst your staff with everyone constantly arriving and leaving whenever they please, shifts would remain uncovered and there would be no indication of how long a staff member worked. Enter Employment Hero.

If you use a humble paper timesheet you will know that sometimes, the times written down by your staff members are not the actual times. For example, as soon as an employee is late when using paper timesheets they will write down the start time of the shift not the actual time.

A roster helps put your business in order, but instead of using an out-dated technique such as manual timesheets created in ExCel and edited by hand, there is now a simpler and faster way to prepare a staff schedule with rostering software.

Using a rostering software is a much more effective, time-saving and beneficial way to run your business. Any changes made to a timesheet can be emailed or sent via SMS, alerting staff of any last-minute changes or shifts that need covering. Imagine the employees having the roster delivered directly to their mobile, syncing automatically with their calendar taking into account their availability… we’ll be expecting your call.

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