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Employment Hero Payroll.

Easily manage payroll and workforce planning.

Compliance Confidence.

With over 45 of Australia’s modern awards built in, we help businesses be more confident they’re doing the right thing.

"Payroll is always up-to-date with current requirements and legislation.”

Kellie Grant, INS

"Payroll is always up-to-date with current requirements and legislation.”

Kellie Grant, INS

Award interpretation

Understanding and complying with complex modern awards can be one of the biggest challenges facing small to medium businesses. Employment Hero Payroll has over 45 modern awards built into the platform – to make award interpretation easy.

Single Touch Payroll compliant

Employment Hero Payroll was one of the first payroll softwares to be Single Touch Payroll (STP) compliant. STP became compulsory for businesses with over 20 employees on July 1, 2018 and will become compulsory for all business in 2019. With Employment Hero Payroll, you’ll be able to automatically report your tax and super to the ATO with minimal fuss.

Work Engine Rules

With Employment Hero Payroll, you can automate most of the payroll decision-making processes with custom rule sets. This includes overtime rules, conditional pay rules, allowances, penalty rates and auto-pay increases. Our implementation experts will work with you to make sure your payroll rules are tested and set up for your business needs, making payroll management as easy as possible.

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Australia’s first integrated HR, payroll and benefits platform for employers and employees.

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