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Global Teams.

PEO & EOR - Global Teams.

Global Teams allows businesses of all sizes to easily hire anyone, anywhere in the world. This means SMEs can now access the best talent, wherever they choose to live.

"Where you incorporate shouldn’t dictate who you can hire"
Ben Thompson, CEO
"Where you incorporate shouldn’t dictate who you can hire"
Ben Thompson, CEO

Find Talent anywhere in the world

Increase efficiency and stay focused on running your business while we help you find the world’s brightest talent – from over 50 different countries world wide. We also help you attract cream of the crop talent worldwide with our competitive range of benefits offerings included in Employment Hero.

Employer of Record

Also known as Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), we hire full-time employees on your behalf, saving you the cost and time of setting up a local entity in multiple countries. The advantages to using Global Teams to help you expand are endless, but primarily, businesses like yours choose Global Teams to help speed up their trajectory and save money. On average its around 60% cheaper to use a solution like Global Teams as it is to set up an entity in a new market.

Consistent compliance

You don’t need to worry about the unique rules and regulations in each country. We fully automate local compliance, so you can focus on your people rather than policies and paperwork.

Fair for all involved

We have designed our policies with fairness for all parties in mind. You will find our systems are transparent, so everyone knows where they stand. Where possible, we’ve made our policies consistent across borders, meaning everyone gets a fair go.

One Team - One Culture

All of your employees should feel like they are part of the team, no matter where they are located. Global Teams works seamlessly with your existing instance of Employment Hero, so you can manage all your staff from once central location, meaning those team members hired via Global Teams will still be able to be involved in all your great Engagement initiatives like OKRs, 1:1s, Feedback, Shoutouts and much more!

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