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Performance Reviews.

Performance Reviews.

Develop feedback loops using reviews to create engaged, high performing employees.

Track and review success.
Track and review success.

Review templates

Our review templates can be used for performance reviews and just about any other kind of review your business needs! Reviews and constant feedback help drive employees to do better and keep them engaged in the business’ goals. Using Employment Hero, you can create templates for the different types of reviews that you want to run inside your business.

Custom rating scales

Develop custom rating scales that make sense for your business. You can build these from your company’s values, key performance indicators (KPIs), targets or behaviour and competencies. Rating scales help you easily identify areas where your people are excelling and where they need improvement.

Cascading goals

The best businesses have all their employees moving in the same direction. Using our cascading goals, you can make sure all your employee’s key performance indicators (KPIs) are aligned with your company goals and that your company mission remains a top priority.

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