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Employee Wellbeing.

Employee Wellbeing.

We’ll help you take care of your employees so they can take care of your business.

74% of employees want to see their employers care about their physical and mental employee wellbeing.
74% of employees want to see their employers care about their physical and mental employee wellbeing.


Employment Hero Wellness includes useful information and tools on employee wellness – whether that’s physical, mental and financial well being. Your employees can access simple tips and tricks to get them started from the importance of budget through to setting up savings goals, there are plenty of practical steps to help your employees stay well.


Employee wellness can be improved if you employee feels like they have financial control and stability. We have a dedicated team of financial coaches and advisors here to help you and your employees achieve their financial goals. Our team can consultant on the right financial products for each individual (like salary continuity in case of emergencies), strategies to boost super or save thousands each year through mortgage offers and refinancing.


Discounts, Employment Hero’s online marketplace with savings on thousands of everyday items. Help your employees save on their everyday goods and services to help increase their employee wellness. We offer discounts on everything from health insurance, gym memberships, groceries, electronics and much much more.

Employee Assistance Program

Increased morale, productivity and loyalty are just some of the benefits of an Employment Assistance Program (EAP). Your employees will get access to confidential sessions with a qualified psychologist 24/7 when they need them. You can prevent, identify and resolve personal issues for your employees before they start to negatively affect the company.

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8 Tips For Checking In On Your Employee Wellness

Employee wellbeing is one of the most important factors in creating a company culture. If you notice that employee might not be doing ok, take the time to think about how you will approach your co-worker. Here are some of our top tips for approaching co-workers and trying to increase employee wellbeing.

1. Timing is key

Try asking your employee or colleague if they have 20 minutes to go for a walk or grab a coffee with you, and ask during that conversation. Naturally checking in is much better than abruptly walking up to their desk and asking if they are okay.

2. Keep it simple

When ready to broach the topic, your approach can be as simple as asking, “Are you okay….I have noticed you have been a little quiet the last week or so?”. Don’t beat around the bush, cryptic questions may lead to cryptic answers and will make it bad for you to communicate together.


3. Be a good listener

It is so important to actually listen to what is being said and make no judgements about what may be confided.

4. Don’t rush to offer solutions

Don’t rush to offer solutions, everyone’s situation is different and what may seem like the perfect solution for you, may be the complete opposite for another person.

5. “How can I help?”

A much better approach is to listen and then ask, “how can I help?”. Make sure that your employees don’t feel alone, and if there’s anything you can do as either their manager or just as a friend they should know that.

6. Encourage action

If your co-worker is not feeling okay, encourage positive action like speaking to a professional. If work is the cause of a co-workers concern, encourage them to initiate a conversation with their leaders or their people and culture or HR officer. If your employer offers an employee assistance program, make sure you remind them to use it.

7. Check in regularly

These conversations with your employees should not be a one-off affair. Follow up with them in the coming days and weeks. It shows you care and continues the conversation.

8. Be prepared for denial

What do you do if the person is in denial? You can’t push someone into opening up, so if this occurs let them know that you are always around to talk if they need a listening ear. Also, some people might not feel comfortable opening up in the workplace, which is understandable. Keep this in mind and if you encounter resistance, suggest your co-worker speak to a family member or close friend.

For more information on how to reap the business benefits of employee wellness, take a look over our insightful whitepaper!

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