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Employee Management.

Employee Management.

We help make employee management admin tasks quick and easy.

"Managers have greater visibility of their employees and it has made their job significantly easier.”

Pam Winstanley, International Needs Australia

"Managers have greater visibility of their employees and it has made their job significantly easier.”

Pam Winstanley, International Needs Australia

Leave requests and approvals

Using Employment Hero, makes employment management easy. Firstly, employees can see their leave balances and make leave requests electronically from both our desktop and mobile app. Managers will automatically be notified of requests and be able to view an employee’s leave balance as well as a team leave calendar before approving. This gives employees more transparency into their entitlements and managers more insight into their team’s movements.

Custom Fields

Record the information that you need about your employees. You can add a custom field at onboarding to ask what their favourite coffee is or what their T-Shirt size is. You can make fields uneditable (like which car spot they’ve been allocated) or restrict who can see which fields (like recruitment information for managers only).

You can set up exactly what you want to record, who can edit it and who can see it. Another way we are making employee management easier.

Organisational charts

Understanding who everyone is and what they do inside a business can be hard. We’ve made this aspect of employee management simple by including an organisational chart inside Employment Hero. We also have a staff directory to make it easy for everyone to stay in touch.

Hero Passport

Hero Passport lets past employees access important documents that they still need. Previous employees can access their payslips and payment summaries automatically in Employment Hero, saving you time tracking down old employee information.

Company Announcements

Make important company wide announcements in one simple step. Simply post an update and every employee will be alerted via their app or desktop!

The Company Feed is the first port of call when you sign in to Employment Hero. Easily share important information with your entire company with posts and attachments including PDFs, documents, videos and other resources – as well as of course your favourite gif!

Assets Register

Whether your workforce is centralised or remote, your company owns assets and your employees use them. From laptops, iPads and mobiles to tools, cars and furniture, there are many items that need to be accounted for. If you’re in charge of keeping track of these things, you know it can be a massive headache. The Assets Register makes it easy to account for all company items.


Whether the tasks you have to do are large are small, some can still slip through the cracks. And with more workforces working remotely than ever before, accountability and transparency is paramount. Digital task management helps employees keep on top of their responsibilities, promotes collaboration and improves productivity.

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Top Five Tips on Employee Management

If you’re in a leadership position in your business, you know that employee management and employee relations can make or break the entire operation. Happy, hardworking employees will catapult you to success, while disgruntled, lazy ones will bring you down from the inside.

Through skilful employee management, you can create a functional, efficient workplace by capitalising on the strengths of your employees and motivating them to accomplish the team’s goals. Employees will be more involved, motivated, successful and loyal.

Successful employee management that leads your team to a successful future includes the following qualities:

Communication is key

You can’t manage your employees if you don’t know how to communicate with them. Knowing how to listen to your employees is just as important as getting your message across. 

Employee Management on Employment Hero

Manage your time (and theirs) 

Many responsibilities come along with the title of manager, but to effectively lead and manage a team of employees, you must know how to delegate. Plan, organise and strategise for the entire team. Then delegate tasks and responsibilities to the employees most suited for each role. 

Allow employees to grow 

Create and encourage a learning culture within your business. The world is ever-changing, and with technology advancing at high speeds, it only makes sense to grow and change with the world around you. Leaders control the vision and set the tone in the workplace, and the best leaders are innovative.

Performance Management 

Performance management is the series of actions taken to develop a work environment in which employees are empowered to perform at their best. Performance management is not something you do once a year — it’s the process of working with your employees every step of the way throughout the course of their careers.

Keep employees motivated 

Companies thrive when they have an engaged and motivated workforce, and management plays a strong role in making that happen. Employee management and being a better manager can be made easy with Employment Hero. We help make employee management admin tasks quick and easy, so that you have more time to focus on the things that matter. 

If you want to know more about what your employees really want, and their expectations from their employer – take a look at our insight report on Employee Expectations here.

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