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Employee Management.

Employee Management.

We help you and your employees manage employment admin tasks quickly and easily.

Save time with paperless admin.
Employee Management
Save time with paperless admin.

Leave requests and approvals

Using Employment Hero, employees can see their leave balances and make leave requests electronically from both our desktop and mobile app. Managers will automatically be notified of requests and be able to view an employee’s leave balance as well as a team leave calendar before approving. This gives employees more transparency into their entitlements and managers more insight into their team’s movements.

Organisational charts

Understanding who everyone is and what they do inside a business can be hard. We’ve made this simple by including an organisational chart inside Employment Hero. We also have a staff directory to make it easy for everyone to stay in touch.

Hero Passport

Hero Passport lets past employees access important documents that they still need. Previous employees can access their payslips and payment summaries automatically in Employment Hero, saving you time tracking down old employee information.

Company Announcements

Make important company wide announcements in one simple step. Simply post an update and every employee will be alerted via their app or desktop!

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