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Looking for an applicant tracking system? Employment Hero’s ATS software is a robust solution for total employee lifecycle management from Hiring and Onboarding to Off-boarding.

An ATS like ours can help improve your pool of candidates by over 40%, helping you find the perfect match for the role, and your business.
An ATS like ours can help improve your pool of candidates by over 40%, helping you find the perfect match for the role, and your business.

Create Jobs and Hiring Processes

Our ATS allows you to simply create not only a new job ad in platform, but also a related, customisable hiring process.

Robust Jobs Board Integrations

When hiring to fill a new position you want to cast the widest net possible. This means getting your job ad on a variety of the best job posting sites. There are a scores of free and premium job boards available, many of which can help you get the qualified candidates you need in a hurry – but all of them have different posting mechanisms and even with a dash of copy paste this takes time. Our ATS and candidate management systems enable you to post to multiple job sites with a single submission. We integrate with scores of Job boards including (but not limited to) SEEK, Indeed, Jora and many more!

Candidate Management, Made Simple

Spreadsheets are great at so many things… but they suck as a hiring tool. If you’ve ever wrangled multiple Excel tabs, while mining down seemingly endless email threads trying you’re not alone. This is the most likely sign that you need an applicant tracking software. Our ATS helps you track candidates, build a shortlist and send contracts as soon as the successful applicant has been chosen. View your candidate pipeline and easily move people from stage to stage.

Improved Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a crucial part of setting yourself apart from the herd and maintaining a strong employer value proposition. The visibility and communication tools an ATS can provide will cut down the application process and help improve engagement with candidates. 86% of recruiting professionals say that using an ATS has helped them hire faster. Not to mention, Employment Hero ATS will help you nail the candidate interview, because you have all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

Accelerate Collaboration

When you’re part of a hiring team working without an ATS, you get the message from all directions. Sharing notes and feedback of candidates over email, forwarding PDF resumes and running multiple calendars, it’s an invitation for a headache. Our ATS does all this in one place. Everyone’s notes and feedback on the same candidate profile, together with their resume, application form answers and relevant history. No more running after hiring panel members to gather interview feedback!

Lower Cost, Higher Quality

Since time is money, Applicant Tracking System saves money simply by saving your precious time. With many administrative recruiting tasks being automated, you need less human hours to fill a position, which makes your hiring strategy more productive and cost-efficient.
Also, building and maintaining a talent pool can do wonders for your cost per hire. Imagine having a perfect job candidate every time when a new position opens!
According to research and every recruiter and HR professional everyday work experience, high-quality candidates stay available on the market for 10 days only!
By speeding up your recruitment process you can get those top candidates before they get snatched up by another company.

New Hire Onboarding

Because the ATS is a fully integrated part of the Employment Hero platform, you can start onboarding your new hires as soon as possible. As a hiring manager you know getting the contract out in a timely manner is crucial to securing the right talent, and our platform empowers you to go from offer to hire in a matter of minutes!

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