Performance Management Software and Appraisal System

Performance Management Software and Appraisal System

Cloud-based performance review software

Retaining and managing talent is never easy, but to succeed, you need to get the best out of your people. That’s why more businesses than ever are turning to performance management software to measure individual employee performance, and goal completion.

Research shows that companies with a consistent, company-wide approach to performance management experience lower turnover among high performing employee.


Set individual goals, and develop capability

Performance management systems help you align your business goals with company performance requirements, and measure employee progress against these goals.

With performance management software, you can help your people to understand how they contribute to your business’ strategical goals. And at the same time, ensure the right skills and effort are focused on the things that really matter.


Get better results

Performance management software includes functionality that enables managers to align employee activities with your business strategy and monitor performance with continuous feedback and coaching.

Modern performance management systems also blend social feedback with traditional reviews and goals to make the review process current and continuous.

Cloud-based systems make it easier for managers to send feedback to employees wherever they are. Online access also helps ease the pressure on having to complete reviews while at work under time constraints.


The benefits of performance management software

  • Allows performance tracking to become more agile and responsive.
  • Provides a way to track and document everyday employee/manager communication.
  • Improves performance tracking over time by allowing managers to keep a running log of notes charting an employee’s progress.
  • Gives a much clearer and granular understanding of the employee’s performance, skills, and needs.
  • Makes it easier for performance reviews to be accessed, printed, shared, and stored.
  • Helps make the performance review process more efficient and accurate.


Conduct regular check-ins                    

Whereas the traditional performance review process is an annual one, cloud-based performance management software allows you to track performance as part of the everyday working experience.

By introducing regular check-ins about ongoing work with your people, you get a better sense of completed work, and any challenges in meeting upcoming deadlines. These meetings also give you the opportunity to listen to your employees and provide feedback and direction when it really matters.

Having a robust performance review process is essential to the ongoing success of any business. With performance management software, you can make it part of your everyday work processes, rather than a once-a-year exercise.


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