Employee Onboarding Software

Employee Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding software in the cloud

Onboarding software in the cloud is an essential part of the SME business toolkit.  More than just induction or orientation, employee onboarding software helps you ensure your new hires get off to a good start. And this means helping them acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviour to become productive employees.

According to a Bersin by Deloitte report, 79% of business leaders say successful onboarding is both an urgent and important priority.

Poor onboarding leads to fast turnover

However, when you’re busy, it can be all too tempting to skip the onboarding process and throw your new hires in at the deep end. Yet research shows that poor onboarding and fast turnover go hand in hand.

In fact, too many new hires experience a poor onboarding process that leaves them feeling anxious and unappreciated. On day one, they’re given a pile of HR paperwork to fill out, rather than being welcomed by team.

There’s no scheduled meetings with peers and co-workers. There’s no boss to show them around.  There’s no scheduled training in their calendars to help them understand their new role and acquire the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively.

A less than optimal first day experience may leave your new hires feeling that they’ve made a terrible mistake.

Onboarding software cuts through paperwork

So rather than leaving your new hires to drown in paperwork, it makes sense to use onboarding software to help efficiently cut through time-consuming admin.

Providing an easy, automatic, and personal way to improve new employee experience, employee onboarding software allows you to ease new hires into your business in the most effective way.

The benefits of onboarding software

  • Prompts the employee to complete required tasks.
  • Enables compliant employment contract is signed. before the employee starts.
  • Alerts you to organise your new hire’s desk or work area, security passes and tools.
  • Assigns a mentor.
  • Triggers formal and informal meetings with peers and co-workers.
  • Provides access to HR and WHS policies and behaviour expectations.
  • Schedules appropriate training sessions.
  • Schedules check-ins with manager.
  • Ensures your new hire has access to all the information they need to succeed in their new role.

Onboarding starts before the first day

Using onboarding software, you can share HR paperwork and forms electronically with your new hires long before their first day.  This enables your employees to do all the paperwork online, at their own pace – leaving their first day free to learn more about their role, and get to know co-workers.

Automate meetings and introductions

With employee onboarding software, it triggers all the necessary team meetings, introductions, and check-ins, and assigns a mentor. In this way, you can keep new employees busy with a highly-structured schedule for the first couple of weeks, followed by regular check-ins until they are comfortable setting their own pace.

Remember, new hires can form a lasting impression of your company based on their first day experience. With the right onboarding software, you can make sure your new hires’ first day is memorable for all the right reasons.

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