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If you’re already singing Employment Hero’s praises, become a referral partner so we can start thanking you properly.

Jump on board, and let’s help businesses make employment easier and more rewarding together.
Who can become a referral partner?

Referral partners are usually professional service providers who (like Employment Hero) cater to businesses. Referral partners refer their clients to Employment Hero on an ongoing basis.

The referral partner program is currently only available in Australia. If you are located outside of Australia, submit your interest and we’ll be in touch to put you on the waitlist.

What are the benefits?

As an Employment Hero Referral Partner, you’ll receive:

  • Monthly updates on product developments, blogs, and news from Employment Hero
  • An attractive referral margin for customers that adopt our products (a referral bonus equal to 10% of their subscription costs for the first year.)
  • A direct line of communication and escalation 
  • Access to exclusive Hero Network offers
What does it cost?

Becoming a referral partner is free. All you have to do is sign a referral partner agreement, then you can start referring your clients to Employment Hero.

Join the Employment Hero Partner Network
Join the Employment Hero Partner Network

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