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Guided HR
Implementation Journey

The Guided Implementation service includes access to live and on demand workshops that will guide you through the set up, to ensure you can get immediate value from the platform. You will be given access to a dedicated Implementations team who can provide support to you through your implementation. For our APAC region, we also have Q&A sessions where you can work through your questions that come up outside of our live workshop sessions, to ensure you can promptly and efficiently work through your implementation.

We have automatically enrolled you into Core Workshop 1 (Loading Employees) to help you get started with your implementation. You will then register yourself for the remaining workshops and Q&A sessions (APAC) via our Guided Implementation Centre.

On this page you will find:

  • How to register for workshops and Q&A sessions
  • The 3 phases of your implementation journey
  • Getting started checklist & FAQs
  • Milestones to be reached to be eligible for your implementation credit
  • Implementation support resources, including our Employer Launch Kit

Have questions? Our dedicated guided implementation team is here to help you at any time during your 30-day journey by contacting

Your guided implementation journey


Guided Implementation Centre

Here you will be able to register for live workshops with Q&A, watch our on-demand content and register for the Q&A sessions (APAC only), to support you through your implementation. You can also access our Guided Implementation Centre directly via your platform dashboard within your 30 day journey, by clicking on ‘view all available workshops’. 

You will start with phase 1 which are our core workshops, then moving through to phases 2 and 3, which comprise our recommended and advanced workshops. We strongly recommend attending the live workshops where suitable, to allow you to ask your questions live in the session. 

Access the Guided Implementation Centre below.


Phase 1: Core workshops

Core 1: Loading Employees
Core 2: Organising Employees
Core 3: Time and Attendance
Core 4: Setting up Employee Engagement Tools

Phase 2: Recommended workshops

Managing HR Documents
Managing Certifications
Managing Policies
Customising Onboarding
Managing Performance Reviews
Managing Assets
Managing Security
Managing Recruitment
image of a first time hiring manager in an interview

Phase 3: Advanced workshops (Premium and Platinum only)

Custom Content Management
Advanced Bulk Updating Employee Files (CSV)
Managing Learning
Aligning Advanced Goals (Objectives & Key Results)
Engagement and Development tools for People Managers
Managing Expenses

Getting started checklist

  • Ensure you have logged into your platform
  • Read through this Guided Implementation page to understand the journey and what is required to be eligible for your incentive
  • Be Workshop 1 Ready:
    • Via Payroll Integration – Bring the login credentials of your current payroll platform
    • Via CSV Import – Bring a list of you employees first name, last name, email addresses and location


Follow these steps to reset your password and access the platform:
1. Go to the sign in page at
2. Click "forgot password?"
3. Enter your email address
4. Click the "Continue" button
5. Go to your email inbox and open the email with subject "reset password instructions"
7. Click the link in the email. You will be directed to a page in Employment Hero
7. Enter your new password into the box
8. Click "Update Password"
You can attend either a live workshop with Q&A or watch our on-demand content, to register and view this content you will head to the Guided Implementation Centre. When you register for a live session, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to access the training at the scheduled time. To access the on-demand content you will choose ‘watch on demand’, enter in your name and email address, which will then bring up the recording within your internet browser. We also have dedicated Q&A sessions (APAC only), which are split into different topics. We have multiple sessions scheduled daily to ensure they are frequent to allow you to utilise these sessions for your questions as they come up. You will also register for these via the Guided Implementation Centre.
During your implementation journey your support will come from the HR Education Managers. You should ensure you are attending the workshops, as these sessions have been designed to support you in setting up the platform and giving you the information that you need to do so. Should you have questions that are not covered in these sessions, or you are an APAC customer and unable to attend the Q&A sessions please reach out to the HR Education Managers at
When you log into Employment Hero for the first time you will be taken through our onboarding wizard, which will give you the opportunity to add additional admins to the platform. If you need to complete this step at a later stage, these help centre articles will assist.
1 - Quick add an employee (if they are not already in the platform)
2 - Assign them as an admin -
When you are logged into Employment Hero on your dashboard you will head to ‘your account’. Here you will see how many milestones you have completed, what is remaining and what your deadline is. You can also view the milestone list further down on this web page.
If you have registered for a live workshop and now need to change the time, please head to the confirmation email you received and use the cancellation link in the email. You will then head to the Guided Implementation Centre and book in for a more suitable time.

Need some more help?

See more resources in our help centre


As a reward for becoming a Hero and launching Employment Hero to your employees within 30 days, your organisation will be credited part of your implementation fee (in Hero Dollars for AU customers). To be eligible for the credit, within 30 days Customers should have:

Core workshop milestones

  • Added all employee details
  • Invited all employees to the platform
  • Have at least 70% employees actively using the platform

Plus any four of the following activities:

Recommended workshop milestones

  • Upload a minimum of 1x HR document
  • Make a Company Announcement
  • Setup at least one Company Value
  • Create a Certification and assign this to an employee record
  • Add a Policy to the system
  • Create an Onboarding Checklist
  • Create your Performance Review template and relevant review period
  • Add a minimum of one Asset
  • Create a Security Group

Implementation Support Resources
Additional Workshop Materials
Here you will find a summary of the information covered in each workshop, including knowledge base articles from our Help Centre and FAQs
Employer Launch Kit
Here you will find resources such as launch presentations, manager and employee navigation videos, onboarding guides, our daily use guide, email templates and posters to support you in your launch
Access our help centre
Have a question? Search our help centre for step-by-step pictorial guides, FAQs and more
Dedicated support
You will receive check in calls from the team throughout your implementation. You can also contact us for any questions.

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