Employment Hero

HR Implementation

Employment Hero offers a number of different implementation services.
Which one is right for your organisation will depend on the answer to two questions:
How fast you want to get up and running, and how specific your requirements are.

Guided HR (Most Popular)


A Guided HR Implementation will lead you through a 30-day implementation journey via regular live, interactive workshops that will help you setup your HR Platform and meet all your HR needs. The initial $500 is returned via deposits to your organisation's own Reward and Recognition program after you meet certain project deadlines. Time to launch is approximately 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Set up your Employment Hero yourself with the help of Employment Hero's HR education experts answering your questions along the way.
  • Build a knowledge base and understand the concepts behind Employment Hero's features so you can adapt your set up as your organisation's needs change.
  • Billing for Guided Implementations customers will begin four weeks after signing with Employment Hero. If you don't have the time or resources to launch before then, you will still be charged regardless. 
  • If you fail to reach certain milestones, you will forfeit the initial $500 deposit in your organisation's Reward and Recognition workflow.
Best for:
  • Organisations that will be integrating Employment Hero HR with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Online or KeyPay; and
  • People with capacity to commit to the project and launch Employment Hero within four weeks of signing; and
  • Want to get up and running with Employment Hero as soon as possible.

Self-Implementation HR


Implement Employment Hero HR by following a series of in-app prompts that will lead you through the basics of account setup and the main features of each plan. Our extensive knowledge-based articles and step-by-step guides will also be on hand to get you up and running. 
  • Self-Implementation is the cheapest implementation option.
  • You can go at your own pace, guided by our free resources and the platform’s intuitive, step-by-step guidance.
  • If you get lost, Employment Hero's 24/7 email support service will be on hand to help out.
  • As we don’t have visibility over your implementation, you might skip over features that shouldn’t be skipped and you won't get the best value out of the platform.
  • You also run the risk of only one person at your organisation understanding the platform — if they leave, will anyone know how the platform works?
Best for:
  • Tech savvy people who are confident they can navigate the platform without our help.
  • Organisations with less than 20 employees; and
  • Aren't integrating Employment Hero with their payroll platform.

Managed HR


For organisations with more specific or complex needs, a Managed HR Implementaion is the go. Time to launch is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.
  • A hyper-personalised implementation with your own project manager and timeline with agreed outcomes and milestones.
  • Your project manager will be by your side as you set up your account, teaching you the ins and outs of the platform and helping you build custom workflows for employee onboarding and offboarding, policies, cerfitications, management lines and more. 
  • Your implementation timeline isn't as flexible as with Guided or Self-Implementations.
  • The agreed timeline is a commitment from both Employment Hero and your organisation.
  • Missing tasks or milestones on your end will push out your launch, with your launch being reprioritised against other projects that have adhered to their timeline. 
Best For:
  • Organisastions that hire hundreds of employees and have regular staff turnover (i.e like seasonal workforces); and
  • Operate in a highly-regulated industry (e.g childcare or hospitality); or
  • Can't commit to launching Employment Hero in four weeks.

*Guided HR Implementations incurs an upfront $500 deposit that is then refunded in Hero Dollars if you complete specified tasks by their predetermined deadline, e.g uploading all employees onto the platform, inviting all employees to create their own account, creating at least one Company Value and making a post on the Company Feed. 

**Managed HR Implementations is approximately $5,000 but can incur additional costs if further tasks are required (such as data cleansing).