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Employee Recognition is important to ensure your employees feel acknowledged in the workplace. With this in mind, we built Shout Out’s and Recognition. This feature allows members of an organisation to publicly thank each other in a company live stream that is visible on each person’s Employment Hero desktop or app.

Not only does our platform encourage peer to peer recognition – it’s also designed to help managers ensure their team feels appreciated. Give your employees a suite of employee benefits that are focused on making work that much more rewarding. We want to level the playing field for small and medium sized businesses by giving you resources to be more competitive with employee rewards and benefits.

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Shout Outs

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Employee Recognition

  • Shout Outs are visible to everyone on the company’s feed and are an opportunity for employees to recognise their colleagues when they do good work, or help them on a project.
  • Recognition is a way for employers and peers to reward and recognise their employees when they go above and beyond the expectations of their role. Each Recognition is attributed to one of your nominated company values and you can also nominate an amount of Hero Dollars to reward your employees!

Employees' Happiness Is Important

Employee Wellbeing

  • Happiness Survey gives you insights you’ve never had before with anonymous, monthly or weekly score that gauge the vibe of your business
  • Custom Surveys have the power to identify any factors impacting your business through employee feedback
  • Wellness Wizard provides useful information and tools on employee wellness from physical, mental and financial well being.

Employment Hero

HR, Payroll & People Management Online from Anywhere

  • Automate your HR processes to save you time
  • Paperless onboarding, online timesheets, performance management, employee engagement, and more
  • Secure data and access from anywhere
  • Understand your workforce and gain insights from custom reporting
  • Employee self-device on desktop, mobile, and tablet

What people are saying:


Nicholas Luhman - Recruitment Coordinator

"All up, I’d say we save about 20 hours each week across the departments, which adds up to between 80-100 hours a month, depending on how busy we are!”

Mitchell Usher - Operations Manager

“As soon as our hiring started to ramp up, it was clear to me that it would be difficult to sustain such manual processes. Employment Hero has made onboarding and HR management one thousand times easier.”

Michelle Tankey - HR & Compliance Manager

“The centralisation of employee information solves the problem of having paper files distributed around the various venues, because now they’re in one central place that I can access.”

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