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Employment Hero’s EAP add-on can provide a confidential and effective solution-focused counselling service for employees, but if you’re looking to support your employees, sadly, often an Employee Assistance Program may simply not be enough. The true key to making your employees feel supported is simpler than you may think.  Engagement and recognition! According to a Gallup Workplace report, businesses with engaged workforces have lower employee absenteeism rates by up to 41% and companies that effectively appreciate their employees being 20% more profitable than those who don’t.

The correlation is simple, employees that don’t feel recognised or appreciated are less loyal to their employers than their appreciated team members, whereas employees that feel recognised are more engaged, leading them to be more productive.

Coupling an engagement and recognition tool with an EAP is the try key to success for your employees, and ultimately your business. A platform like Employment Hero can provide all of this and much more. So request a demo today to learn more.

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24/7 Support

Professional Counselling

Confidential Interactions

Reporting Dashboards

Online Portal

Employee Details

24/7 Services

Support when it's needed

24/7 support for your employees and their family members. Each employee will have access to free counselling sessions throughout the year including a manager support hotline, critical incident response team and immediate crisis counselling. They will
also have a dedicated account contact to help book their sessions.



Online Support All Year Round

Employees will have a login to an online portal with free access to information to help them with their mental health information. We can also run employee and manager awareness sessions in your workplace.


Usage Reporting

While all EAP sessions remain confidential, you will be able to see how many employees are using the EAP program through a dedicated portal. Reporting can be monthly, quarterly or annually.

What people are saying:


Nicholas Luhman - Recruitment Coordinator

"All up, I’d say we save about 20 hours each week across the departments, which adds up to between 80-100 hours a month, depending on how busy we are!”

Mitchell Usher - Operations Manager

“As soon as our hiring started to ramp up, it was clear to me that it would be difficult to sustain such manual processes. Employment Hero has made onboarding and HR management one thousand times easier.”

Michelle Tankey - HR & Compliance Manager

“The centralisation of employee information solves the problem of having paper files distributed around the various venues, because now they’re in one central place that I can access.”

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