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HR development

In this stream, you'll learn about the features that will enhance your existing HR function, including workshops on employee engagement, performance reviews, development tools, goal alignment and learning and development.
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Recognising and engaging your employees.

Leverage platform features to better communicate with employees and promote positive behaviours.

How to build, launch and track performance reviews.

This workshop will teach you how to set up a formal review process on the platform, create your own templates and more.

Engagement and development tools for people managers.

Empower your people managers to better manage HR, engage employees, and promote and track regular development conversations. Though managers are welcome to attend, this workshop is for admins learning how to train their managers.

Advanced goal setting (OKRs).

Explore how Goals can help your organisation align staff to define, track, meet and exceed goals using objectives and key results (OKRs).

Managing Learning.

Leverage our learning management system (LMS) to promote professional development within your organisation.

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