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In this stream, you'll learn more about building custom onboarding workflows for different types of employees, how to manage company policies and certifications, how to issue HR documents and how to manage your own custom content.
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How to onboard a new employee.

Learn how to build personalised onboarding and offboarding workflows, including induction content, for different teams, locations and employee types.

How to issue a policy.

This workshop will run through how to set up and assign policies to your employees and how to report on them for compliance purposes.

Managing your employee certifications.

This workshop will show you how to create, assign and track employee certifications so RSAs, RCGs and First Aid Certificates donโ€™t lapse.

How to issue a HR document.

This workshop teaches you how to create, issue and upload contracts, policies and other HR documents directly to employeesโ€™ files.

Custom content management.

Build bespoke document templates to streamline sending and tracking contracts, letters, and HR other documents to your employees.

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