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Navigating Employment Hero.

This workshop helps familiarise new Employment Hero platform admins with the basics of the platform

Managing recruitment.

Build a recruitment process that suits your individual business needs in addition to managing applications and onboarding your successful candidate.

How to onboard a new employee.

Learn how to build personalised onboarding and offboarding workflows, including induction content, for different teams, locations and employee types.

How to issue a HR document.

This workshop teaches you how to create, issue and upload contracts, policies and other HR documents directly to employees’ files.

Custom content management.

Build bespoke document templates to streamline sending and tracking contracts, letters, and HR other documents to your employees.

Managing your company assets.

Watch this workshop to learn more about creating, assigning and managing company assets to employees.

Time and attendance.

Manage leave requests and timesheets to set your organisation up for time-tracking success.

Engagement and development tools for people managers.

Empower your people managers to better manage HR, engage employees, and promote and track regular development conversations. Though managers are welcome to attend, this workshop is for admins learning how to train their managers.

Managing your employee certifications.

This workshop will show you how to create, assign and track employee certifications so RSAs, RCGs and First Aid Certificates don’t lapse.

How to squeeze the juice out of benefits.

Use the buying power of 200,000+ users to help you and your employees live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

How to build, launch and track performance reviews.

This workshop will teach you how to set up a formal review process on the platform, create your own templates and more.

Recognising and engaging your employees.

Leverage platform features to better communicate with employees and promote positive behaviours.

Updating your employee files in bulk.

Sometimes you need to make changes to multiple employee files all at once (pay rises, yay!). Learn how to update employee files in bulk using .CSV imports.

Managing Learning.

Leverage our learning management system (LMS) to promote professional development within your organisation.

Advanced goal setting (OKRs).

Explore how Goals can help your organisation align staff to define, track, meet and exceed goals using objectives and key results (OKRs).

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