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Picking A Plan

How to pick the right plan?

Some good questions to help you to make the right decision:

What features do you need?

Each company has specific needs when it comes to HRIS. Try to make a list on what features do you need and which of them are actually mandatory.

How many employees do you have?

Some features can be really useful depending on how many employees you have. It can also give you the chance to negotiate reduced rates.

What payroll system do you use?

Employment Hero integrates with the biggest payroll systems in Australia.

Who is going to set up the account?

Are you going to have a HR specialist to set up your account? Ot it will be done by a non-HR specialist professional?


Payroll Integration

Having a payroll system integrated to your Employment Hero account saves even more time in your daily routine!


That’s why Employment Hero comes with one click native integrations with some of the world’s leading tech platforms and software providers, helping you to streamline your HR and Recruitment processes. And the best part: it’s for free!

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Talk to our sales team and learn how your company can grow with Employment Hero!

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Setup Resources

We also provide a bunch of training tools to help you implement Employment Hero and get your admins and managers trained before going live!

Employment Hero Online Academy

Success Portal

In-platform wizard walkthrough

Demo videos


Employment Hero was designed to make implementation easy for you!

You can either choose to do it yourself you or to have our team to get it implemented for you. It’s up to you!

Do It Yourself

You can get Employment Hero implemented by yourself and It will only take a few hours! We provide you everything you need to help you in this journey.

Paid Implementation

You can also have either us or one of our certified partners to get it implemented for you. Talk about it with our sales team and they will give you all the details.

Implementation Checklist

Data Uploading

This can be done either by integrating with your Payroll system or by a CSV file upload.


Add your employees information, upload your contracts and policies into the platform and more!


Get your managers and admins trained and ready to use Employment Hero.

Launching to employees

Spread the news and let your employees know about your new HRIS platform and how to use it!


Launching Resources

Once you have Employment Hero implemented, it’s time to go- live and spread the news to your employees!

We’ve developed some really good resources that you can use to launch Employment Hero and teach your employees how to use it.

Launching Videos Library

Launching Email Template

User Guides

Employee Experience

Employment Hero is also designed to deliver a great experience to your employees, making their first day in your company far more engaging and productively!

Email invitation

The new employee will receive an invitation email from your company, with a link to get started.

Contract Signature

They’ll now have the chance to read and virtually sing the contract with one click.

Personal Information

The new employee will now fill in the personal information, upload requested documents and choose their superfund.

Induction Content

The new employee will now learn about your business, by reading the induction policies that you have previously settled in.

Ongoing Engagement

Employee Benefits

All Employment Hero plans give your company access to the Employee Benefits Program, with exclusive employee discounts, perks and incentives!

By using Purchase Power, I saved $95,000 on my Mortgage!

– Vanvisa Brown

I saved 0.5% off my home loan which saves me $100,000 over the course of the loan!

– Dan Evans

Amazing deal on my home loan. I save $3,500 every year!

– Adrian Di Mascio

Support and Communications

We will always be in touch with you, by sending you emails with our new releases, product updates and news! You will also have unlimited access to our Knowledge Base and Support Team!

Product updates Emails

Knowledge Base


Employment Hero has made onboarding and HR management one thousand times easier”


Payroll Sync
Less Data Entry
Compliance updated
Make new employees happier
Easy to get implemented

Automate admin tasks
Onboard new hires in less than 30 min
Set-up induction content
Employee Benefits
Tailormade for SMEs

“ For new starters, it also means their first day is far more productive.”  

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