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01 General

What is the purpose of a HRIS?dropdown-caret

HRIS is a software or online solution for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management and accounting functions within a business.

What is HRIS?dropdown-caret

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System and is also known as Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Basically, HRIS allows you to perform many of your human resource activities and processes electronically.

What does SaaS stand for?dropdown-caret

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service“. A SaaS is a third-party provider that makes software available to you through the internet, instead of sending you physical software to upload to your computer. The advantage of SaaS is that the software is already configured (you just need to add your data) and you get instant access to software fixes, upgrades, new features and products.

02 Employment Hero

Do I need to add my employees one by one?dropdown-caret

No, you can upload your employees by connecting to your payroll system or a bulk import from a CSV.

Do you support businesses with international employees?dropdown-caret

Yes, you can set up each region separately, but still manage them under the one account in Employment Hero.

Do you support businesses with employees in different locations?dropdown-caret

Yes, absolutely.

What size companies do you work with?dropdown-caret

We work with small to medium sized businesses. Our smallest customer has two employees and our largest customer has well over 500 employees.

Is my business suited to use Employment Hero?dropdown-caret

Employment Hero is designed to help small and medium sized Australian businesses be employers. That means if you employ anywhere from one to a thousand people in Australia, we might just be the solution for you. We recommend speaking to one of our Employment Heroes so we can understand your needs better.

03 HeroPay

What is the modern award?dropdown-caret

The modern award sets out the minimum terms and conditions of employment that a business must comply with. The modern award provides entitlements such as:
– Pay
– Hours of work
– Rosters
– Breaks
– Allowances
– Penalty rates
– Overtime

In Australia, there are 122 modern awards. Business can have multiple awards they have to comply with, depending on the type of roles within their business. The modern award is also open to change.

You can learn more about modern awards via the FairWork website.

What does built-in award interpretation actually mean?dropdown-caret

Award interpretation is the process of calculating the right amount of pay for hours worked during a specific time period. It also helps work out the different penalty rates and entitlements for a particular worker including meal allowances, washing allowance or freezer allowance (yes, there is a different rate of pay if you have to enter a freezer!).

Built-in award interpretation means that these rules are set up and updated for you, so you don’t have to manually work out the rates.

How does billing work?dropdown-caret

Like most SaaS companies, we offer our service on a monthly subscription model. You can pay either by credit card or direct debit.

How secure is my data?dropdown-caret

Employment Hero runs on Amazon Web Services 99.99% uptime service level agreement. For your own security, as well as for your employees, we also offer 2-Factor Authentication. You can find some more detail on our Security page.

Is there a cost for implementation?dropdown-caret

With HeroPay, we recommend using our full implementation service for a one-off fee. We recommend speaking to one of our Employment Heroes so we can understand your needs better.

04 Services

What are your Hero Advice Line Hours?dropdown-caret

Hero Advice Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm Australian Eastern Time.

How quickly can I get access to the Hero Advice Lines?dropdown-caret

All Hero Advice Lines can be accessed within approximately 24 hours of signing the T&Cs and providing payment details. You will receive a welcome email with your access details once your subscription is live.

How do the Hero Advice Lines differ to legal advice?dropdown-caret

Legal advice applies to situations that involve the law. In some instances our consultants may advise you to seek legal advice.

Common situations where this may occur include: your business being investigated or prosecuted by a regulatory body, legislation or case law has not provided a clear interpretation of how relevant legislation is applied, you are conducting an investigation (sometimes this is advantageous to have recommendations provided under legal privilege), drafting deed of release, policies or contracts, or high risk scenarios (such as terminating long standing sick employees).

Therefore subject to the Legal Practices Act and provided under legal privilege (meaning it cannot be summoned), our workplace consultants may advise you to seek legal advice if they deem it necessary.

Can you help me with HR questions and changes in regulations?dropdown-caret

We have a team of in-house lawyers who are constantly reviewing our library of contracts, policies and documents to ensure they are compliant.

If you would like highly specific advice, we would recommend our HR Advice Line where you can speak with a trained workplace specialist by email or phone to get pragmatic advice or guidance on ad-hoc matters.

If you need more hands-on support, we can recommend a member of our Hero Network near you.

Can I talk to a live person?dropdown-caret

We offer unlimited email software support with our Sydney-based team. If you need personalised software support, we also offer a software advice line where you will be given a dedicated number to call when you need help.

We also offer HR and Payroll advice lines where you can speak to employment specialists about how to handle specific situations.

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