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What is The Hero Network?

The Hero Network is a collective of dedicated and passionate professional service providers and partners who share our mission to make employment easier and more rewarding.

Am I a fit for the Hero Network?

The Hero Network is for anyone who wants to join our mission to make employment easier and more rewarding for everyone. Our Employment Hero Network contains HR consultants, business advisors, employment lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, payroll providers, cloud integrators, industry associations or any professional who wants to help their clients be more efficient and more compliant.

What are my responsibilities if I join the Hero Network?

As a member of the Hero Network, we will provide you with a lot of upfront training and resources to make you an Employment Hero expert.

From that point on, you’ll help bring people onto the platform by introducing them to Employment Hero, helping them get activated on the platform and provide training and hands on support your clients.

What does it cost to join the Hero Network?

Nothing. It’s absolutely free to join the Hero Network.

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