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01 General

How do I update my personal details in Employment Hero?dropdown-caret

You can quickly and easily update your personal details by logging into your Employment Hero account and clicking on ‘Personnel’. Click on your name and then ‘edit’ in the top right hand corner of the personal details you wish to edit.

Am I employed by Employment Hero?dropdown-caret

No, but you’re company is using Employment Hero because they want to make your life easier and more rewarding. Being part of Employment Hero means that you’ll know your employer is doing their best to make sure they’re compliant with all Australian employment legislation and you’ll get some awesome perks and benefits along the way.

Where do I view my payslips?dropdown-caret

Log into your Employment Hero account and click on ‘Pay Slips’. You’ll be able to view, download and print individual payslips from within the Employment Hero platform.

What’s Life Hero?dropdown-caret

LifeHero is a special website created just for you to help you achieve that mythical ‘work-like-balance’. We have blogs, articles and resources all designed to help you live well, stay well and save well.

Will I have access to my Employment Hero account after I leave my employer?dropdown-caret

Yes, you will still have limited access to your Employment Hero account after you leave your employer. You’ll be able to access past pay slips and group certificates. Unfortunately, you will no longer have access to any WorkLife features.

02 Hero Shop

Refunds and cancellationsdropdown-caret

We can cancel and refund physical items. Unfortunately, gift cards are instantaneous and these cannot be canceled or refunded.

If your order has not been shipped yet, you can cancel from inside the Employment Hero app and receive a refund. You will need to click the ‘cancel’ button next to your order in MyLife → Orders.

If your item has been shipped, you will need to contact our support team who will be able to process the refund for you.

How does Employment Hero help me save money?dropdown-caret

At Employment Hero, we’re aiming to save everyone on our platform an average of $5,000 by the year 2021. By using our WorkLife features you’ll be able to:

– Put money away into a high interest savings account
– Access discounts and savings on everyday goods and services
– Learn savings tips and tricks from experts at Life Hero
– Avoid payday loans or other short term money options using InstaPay

How long does it take for Hero Shop items to get to me?dropdown-caret

If you purchase a gift card, it will automatically be available to you through Hero Shop.

If you purchase a physical item, you will receive an email notification with the tracking number once the order has been shipped. It usually takes 1 – 2 business days from date of purchase for your order to be shipped.

Depending on your location, the approximate timelines are:
– Metropolitan Areas – next day
– Rural Areas – 3 business days
– Remote Areas – 5 business days

Does Employment Hero share my data with third parties?dropdown-caret

We do not share your data with third parties. If you make a purchase through Hero Shop, the company that you purchased from will receive the basic details required to fulfil your order. We only share what’s absolutely necessary to make sure you get the goods.

03 InstaPay

Can my employer see my data?dropdown-caret

InstaPay and all our Benefits/WorkLife usage data is strictly confidential. Neither your personal information nor Benefits/WorkLife activity is shared with your employer with the exception of the total dollar amount of InstaPay transactions.

InstaPay gives employees access to a portion of their pre-earned wages before their next payday. Employees can access these fund in one of two ways; they can be deposited directly into the bank account of their choosing, or be used to purchase items in Discounts. In either scenario, payroll admins will see these transactions as a dollar value deduction from an employee’s next payslip, e.g “$100 – InstaPay Deduction”. They will not be able to see the type of InstaPay transaction, i.e direct deposit or to purchase items in Discounts, and in the case of the latter, they will not be able to see what items were purchased using InstaPay funds.

How much does InstaPay cost?dropdown-caret

Each InstaPay transaction attracts a flat fee starting at $2.00 per transaction.

How much money can I get?dropdown-caret

You can withdraw up to $250 or 50% of your calculated earned wages (if your calculation is less than $250) per transaction with a maximum of two transaction per week.

Is InstaPay a loan?dropdown-caret

InstaPay is not a loan. It allows you to access your own money faster. There is no interest charged. There is no debt owed to Employment Hero or your employer. A better comparison would be a salary advance.

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