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Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement.

Keep your people engaged and performing for your business.

63% of employees would like to access their own details.
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63% of employees would like to access their own details.

Employee Portal

Reduce employee procedures by providing access to a self-service portal. Employees can access their own employee file, request leave for approval, view payslips and update their own superannuation and bank details easily. This solution build trusts, increases efficiency and reduces admin.

Employment Hero App

The Employment Hero mobile app brings key functions of the platform right into the palm of your employee’s hand. Through the app, employees can manage leave and timesheets and view policies and contracts. The app also contains a staff directory so that employees can find the right contact details on-the-go. Eligible employees are provided with access to InstaPay, a feature that provides access to earned wages before payday. The app is available on iOS and Android.


HeroThanks allows members of an organisation to publicly thank each other in a live chat stream that’s visible on each person’s Employment Hero desktop and app. Employees can react to these public shows of appreciation with emojis (it’s really fun). Managers can track which employees are getting the most thanks and who is doing the most appreciating. These insights can then be used in wider schemes for reward and recognition.

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