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01 General

How do I update my personal details in Employment Hero?

You can quickly and easily update your personal details by logging into your Employment Hero account and clicking on ‘Personnel’. Click on your name and then ‘edit’ in the top right hand corner of the personal details you wish to edit.

Am I employed by Employment Hero?

No, but you’re company is using Employment Hero because they want to make your life easier and more rewarding. Being part of Employment Hero means that you’ll know your employer is doing their best to make your HR experience a seamless one.

Where do I view my payslips?

Log into your Employment Hero account and click on ‘Pay Slips’. You’ll be able to view, download and print individual payslips from within the Employment Hero platform.

Will I have access to my Employment Hero account after I leave my employer?

Yes, you will still have limited access to your Employment Hero account after you leave your employer. You’ll be able to access past pay slips and group certificates.

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