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We give you the tools to hire new staff easily, scale quickly and improve employee engagment.

3,500+ businesses use Employment Hero.
Powerful Employers
3,500+ businesses use Employment Hero.

Hire staff easily

New hires need to read and sign a ton of paperwork. It’s a process that can take weeks and require a lot of data entry. We’ve turned onboarding into a digital process. With our platform it takes mere minutes to set onboarding in motion. It’s professional, it’s paperless and it means you can grow your team without worrying about the administrative burden.

Improve compliance

We make compliance much less confusing. Our platform has an in-built library of up-to-date HR guides, policies and templates (plus you can upload your own). You can also manage certifications so you can ensure your staff’s qualifications are always up to date.

Engage your people

150,000+ employees use our platform worldwide and enjoy the benefits of easy onboarding, digital leave requests, recognition tools to help them feel valued and a their own employee portal giving them easy access to update their information.

Boost efficiency

Everything in Employment Hero exists securely in the cloud. This means there’s no such thing as lost files, relevant staff can work remotely, it’s easier to work with external consultants, your employees can check their details on the go and so much more. Goodbye filing cabinets, hello Employment Hero.

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Employment Hero is a cloud based platform creating a seamless HR experience for employers and employees.

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