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Happy Employees

For Employees.

Easier admin and a more rewarding work-life.

Better Benefits.

Self-service HR, engagement and recognition

Access your employment details in seconds.
Happy Employees
Access your employment details in seconds.

Self-serve HR

Employees love our self-serve features. They can conduct admin in minutes and feel confident that important details regarding their employment are always at hand. Through our employee portal you can change your payment details, request leave, submit timesheets, view payslips and more.

Engagement and Recognition

We want employees to feel engaged in their work and more importantly, feel valued. That’s why we built a tool called HeroThanks. HeroThanks allows you to recognise and thank your colleagues publicly in a live chat stream that’s visible to everyone in the company via their employee portal. You can even react to these public shows of appreciation with emojis (it’s really fun).

Mobile access

Employees can use our mobile or desktop app to access their details in real-time, no more waiting for Karen from Finance to get back you for a copy of your paycheck – it’s always there in your pocket!

There's an App for that!.

As an employee, you can control pretty much everything you need from leave requests to payslips direct from your mobile

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