Employee Onboarding Software

Cloud-based employee self-service system

Employee Self-Service (ESS) gives your employees direct access to their HR information, allowing them to perform routine HR tasks. This includes updating personal details, as well as acting upon HR documents – such as viewing and acknowledging workplace policies.

By reducing your employees’ reliance on HR to perform administrative support tasks, you cut costs and response times while improving efficiency, productivity and compliance.

Improve efficiency
With a more streamlined approach to HR across your business, you save time and money by ensuring you don’t tie up valuable resources handling routine administrative tasks.

Balancing out administrative HR tasks across your business, you also minimise the resources you need to manage HR. At the same time, with ESS, your employees won’t have to wait on requests for payroll or annual leave information.

Reduce costs
With a cloud-based employee self-service system, you replace paper documents with online information, saving on the material costs, as well as the labour costs required to print out documents like pay slips.

And as a cloud-based system, employees can login and access the information from anywhere – as long as they have an internet connection.

Common ESS functionality allows employees to:

  • Access and update their own personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses and bank account details.
  • View their leave balance and apply for leave online.
  • Read and acknowledge workplace policies.
  • Book training.
  • Submit timesheets.
  • View and download pay slips.
  • All without involving HR.

Empower managers
With ESS, you can empower managers to make certain decisions regarding their team, such as approving requests for annual leave or training without having to involve HR directly.

This means approvals are not only more relevant to the person in question. They’re also made a lot quicker.

The benefits of ESS software

  • Available 24/7.
  • Accessible to employees at home or at work.
  • Saves you and your employees time.
  • Eliminates the need to have a resource to perform routine transactional HR tasks, as employees and managers handle these requests themselves.
  • Streamlines HR processes and provides a paperless office.
  • Increases the accuracy of HR information.

Automate HR services
Employee self-service is all about helping employees and managers build a more self-sufficient work environment. And one that is more productive.

As more employees choose flexible working arrangements, and view work related content on their mobile devices, it makes sense to ensure HR data, documents, and processes are available to your staff, wherever they are.

With a cloud-based employee self-service system, your employees can access the system from home. They can view work schedules to see when they’re rostered on, view payroll information, and request annual leave, all without calling on you or your HR manager’s time.


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