We’ve pulled together a range of COVID-19 resources for small business people. From articles and templates to policies and webinars, we’re doing what we can to help you through this.
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Planning a return to work for your employees? To ensure you’re doing all you can to help slow the …

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COVID19 Public Transport Policy

Employees returning to work? Help ensure their safety, and your workplaces by instituting a Public Transport Policy. Download this free …

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The Back to Work Bundle

With a return to work fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan your workforce’s return to work. …


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We’ll be facilitating daily discussions, sharing updates and exclusive content, but most importantly, The Work Place is a place …

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To help combat this feeling of isolation, Employment Hero has set up a virtual hub for people and business leaders …

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COVID-19 Employer Response Pack

Prepare your organisation for COVID – 19. Download our Free Employer Response Pack. We’ve put together these resources so you can …


JobKeeper Directives Template Pack.

Is your organisation taking advantage of the JobKeeper subsidy? Did you know it’s also extends your powers when it …

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COVID Employee Wellness Survey Template

Worried about your employee’s wellness, physical and mental wellbeing at the moment? This survey template is designed to send …

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NSW Essential Workers Right to Access Work Letter Template

Worried the police might stop your employees as they attempt to carry out their essential work during the COVID lockdowns? …

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Notice To End Stand Down Template

Is your organisation ready to ramp back up again after standing your staff down? Or are you ending stand down …

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Redundancy Withdrawal Template

Are you planning on making use of the Job Keeper payment but already made your staff redundant? This template, written …

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