COVID-19 Response Offer.

Helping Australian SMEs 

We are offering Australian small business access to our Platinum level People Management Platform for free for three months in a bid to help ease them through this tumultuous period. 

This will allow your business to:

  • Ensure you have access to all your vital documents when and where you need them in the cloud
  • Access vital policies needed at times like this, like a COVID-19 Response policy and a Work From Home Policy, with auditable digital acknowledgement
  • Send out messages company wide
  • Allow employees to submit timesheets electronically 
  • Align your teams together through OKRs
  • Ensure employees are still recognised for hard work with reward and recognition 
  • To keep everyone in contact via the company feed, both on desktop and mobile
  • Give employees access to vital discounts like Coles and Woolworths which will help them through this period
  • Provide employees with Instapay*, to allow them access to vital funds in emergencies, fee free. 

If you employ between 1 to 20 people in Australia and wish to take advantage of this offer, simply head register your interest, and we’ll be in touch to help get you set up.

*Only available in conjunction with Employment Hero Payroll which requires a subscription. 

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Register your expression of interest.

Register your interest and we’ll send out an email in the coming days about how to access your free account.

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