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How to transform your business with a distributed workforce

Have you seen the latest ABS statistics? Job vacancies are currently surging, and the fight for talent is becoming too hot to handle. In February there were 289,000 vacancies, up 13% in the last three months. As many as two thirds of Australian businesses are struggling to find skilled candidates for open …
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The rules of distributed employee engagement

For many businesses, it took a pandemic to shake up the way we work. It took a pandemic to make us reflect on and assess the effectiveness of the way in which we work – a way we’ve known for as long as we can remember. But now, gone are …
what you know about distributed work is wrong

What you know about distributed work is wrong

You don’t have to tell a business owner how important having a great team is. They know that having a talented, skilled and motivated team gives them the best chance of success. Alternatively, even if your product or service is genius, it’s not likely to go far without …
how the nature of employment has changed

How has the nature of employment changed?

Even though it’s easy to focus on the way employment has changed over the last 12 months, the classic model of employment prior to the pandemic was far from perfect. We all know that the Covid-19 crisis forced a transformation of working styles. But when we think about these changes …

How international employees drive competitive advantage

In the business world, competitive advantage is the lifeline of a company. Having a clear established competitive advantage not only lets a business survive but provides them with the opportunity to thrive. In Australia, an increasing issue affecting business’ competitive advantage is skill shortages. 70% of Australian employers stated that skill …

How to hire remote overseas workers legally

There are so many benefits in hiring remote international employees—from accessing an incredible talent pool to growing your global markets—but the legalities of overseas employment can be an intimidating prospect. There are legal requirements you need to consider when hiring a new worker, and when they are in …
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