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How to transition to a hybrid workforce, picture of Alex Hattingh leaning against a wooden beam

How to Transition to a Hybrid Workforce

Employment Hero’s Chief People Officer, Alex Hattingh, recently shared a masterclass on how to transition to a remote or hybrid workforce with Business Chicks, Australia’s largest and most influential community for women. As a remote-first advocate, Alex has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to implementing flexible …
What is Employee Feedback - Employment Hero

How to Give Employee Feedback

When we think of feedback in the workplace, we often go straight to the annual performance review. While performance reviews are an obvious time for employee feedback, it’s not the only time.  So, why do so many businesses save all of their employee feedback for their annual performance review …
Employee Surveys - Are they worth the hype_

Employee Surveys: Worth the Hype?

Employee surveys. What are they, should you be using them and are they really worth the hype?  The simple answer is yes, yes and yes.  Encouraging a culture of feedback is one of the best things you can do for your business —   and using employee surveys is one of the …
Website Victoria Worker Permit Scheme

Victoria Worker Permit Scheme

    On 4 August, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced a new permit system. The Victoria Worker Permit Scheme is designed for essential workers still needing to travel under stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions.   Described as being “old-fashioned common sense, it’s a piece of paper”, Victoria Worker Permit Scheme permits must be …
6 Impactful Benefits of 1:1s - Employment Hero

6 Impactful Benefits of 1:1s

Do you remember the last time you caught up with your direct report to discuss how they’re going? If it’s been more than a fortnight ago, you’re missing out on all the benefits associated with having regular 1:1s.  If you’re new to the concept of 1:1s …
Keep Remote Employees Engaged from a Distance - Employment Hero

How to Keep Remote Workers Engaged From a Distance

2020 has been the year that remote work has become the new norm for many of us. While COVID-19 has forced us to transition to working from home — and quickly, it’s also allowed for teams to unite and truly innovate in their roles.  While COVID-19 threw a curveball into the …
Picture of man and woman holding a star - in-office perks to wfh perks blog from Employment Hero

Transitioning Your In-Office Perks to WFH Perks

As parts of Australia begins to ready themselves for the return to onsite work, we are faced with a number of challenging questions. The most prominent being ‘how do we reward employees working from home?’. Recent statistics revealed interest in flexible working arrangements were on the rise, and now, more …
Introduction to 1_1s - Employment Hero

What are 1:1s?

We often hear that internal communication is a pain point for businesses, so what if we told you that you could improve it by one simple, yet effective management technique? 1:1s might be the very thing to take your company communication and alignment to the next level of performance.  1:1s. …
Picture of a teacher instructing two girls who are learning online - upskilling blog from Employment Hero

6 Benefits of Upskilling Your Team

Upskilling is essential in replacing outdated skills that are no longer relevant to today’s changing job landscapes. Deloitte has argued essential skills only last for five years on average. With the lifespan of skills in rapid decline, there are now higher demands on businesses to equip their teams with …
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