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Implementing an HRIS tool like Employment Hero is one of the easiest ways to improve business performance. Instead of wasting time on HR admin and letting bigger, more important things fall by the wayside, an HRIS can automate traditionally time-consuming tasks like leave management, onboarding, timesheets, managing employee files and …
Happy Financial New Year
It’s a new financial year. HAPPY NEW FINANCIAL YEAR EVERYONE 🎉  We know, we know… you’re still having EOFY nightmares, your brain has just about had enough of tax declarations, business budgets and expense claims.  But the beginning of the new financial year is an important time …
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The Ultimate Guide to Single Touch Payroll

By now you’ve probably heard about Single Touch Payroll (STP). Many of you have already hopped aboard the Automation Train, destination: Compliance. The ATO released a great article that breaks down exactly how STP works. Basically, it works by sending tax and super information from your payroll or accounting …
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It’s been almost twelve months since the Australian Tax Office (ATO) introduced STP for businesses employing 20 people or more. On July 1, the ATO will expand STP to any businesses who employee more than 4 people, which according to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, will affect approximately another 2 …
A woman holding up a transparent mobile device that has 'PAYROLL' written in blue neon writing as she is about to learn all about STP and single touch payroll

An Important Update On Single Touch Payroll

It’s official! Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting will be compulsory for small businesses (those with 20 employees or less) from July 1, 2019. To recap, STP changes how employers report PAYG and super information to the ATO. STP requires employers to report payments such as salaries and wages, pay as you go (…

Payroll Scandals: 13 Big Australian Mistakes

First published 19 February 2019, last updated 12 August 2019. Payroll has been a hot topic in the news lately. One reason is the announcement last week that Single Touch Payroll will now be obligatory for businesses of all sizes from July 1, 2019. Another reason is that those payroll “scandals” just keep on coming. […]

14 FAQ Payroll Questions Answered

There’s been a lot happening in the world of payroll lately. The ATO introduce Single Touch Payroll (STP), the national minimum wage increased by 3.5 percent and Fair Work has very publicly audited businesses of all sizes and caught out many for underpaying staff and misinterpreting awards. As a result, …
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