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Single touch payroll reporting heropay

Annualised salary changes reminder

Last year, the Fair Work Commission introduced changes to the way annualised salaries are applied for over a dozen modern awards. This annualised salary changes reminder is here to help! From 1 March 2020, businesses that employ people under any one of these awards must: Keep a record of all hours worked …
12 questions to ask your payroll provider

STP Phase 2

UPDATE: Since this article was published, the ATO has announced that mandatory STP Phase 2 reporting will commence from 1 January 2022—six months extension from the previously proposed 1 July 2021 start date. The article has been updated to reflect these changes.   Who could forget the initial rollout of single touch payroll (STP)? …

Payroll Scandals: 15 Big Australian Mistakes [2020 update]

First published 19 February 2019, last updated 30 October 2020. Payroll has been a hot topic in the news lately. One reason is the announcement last week that Single Touch Payroll will now be obligatory for businesses of all sizes from July 1, 2019. Another reason is that those payroll “scandals” just keeps on coming. […]
Image for a blog on what are timesheets and whether you need them

Timesheets Guide: What Are They and Do You Need Them?

The timesheet is an indispensable tool for every business, no matter its size. From tracking the size of a shift to using them to help create a project-management strategy, your timesheets give you vital data on your employees and operations. Measuring time and attendance can be a task that many …
A busy desk set up with a laptop, notepads and a cup of coffee as the employer gets ready for Single Touch payroll

The Ultimate Guide to Single Touch Payroll

By now you’ve probably heard about Single Touch Payroll (STP). Many of you have already hopped aboard the Automation Train, destination: Compliance. The ATO released a great article that breaks down exactly how STP works. Basically, it works by sending tax and super information from your payroll or accounting …
Featured - Annual Leave Loading
Updated September 2020   So you’ve come to the decision to dismiss an employee? Of course, you followed our sage advice to have fastidiously applied procedural fairness and maintain detailed records along the way to reaching that decision, right?! Right. Now you need to work out their final pay. This …
Feature - Outsource Payroll

Is it Time to Outsource Your Payroll?

Not outsourcing your payroll? As a business owner, you have unique expertise and specialisations. That’s why your clients love you and your business. But you suspect that the time you’re dedicating to running your payroll in-house is affecting your bottom line. Plus, keeping up with Australia’s complicated …
Two money boxes shaped like pigs. One is pink and the other is black. The pink pig has a large stack of coins next to it. The brown pig has a smaller stack of coins. One of the money boxes has a lot less money in it - showing they have unpaid super.
Updated on the 24th September 2020 Don’t make this super mistake. Unpaid super has big consequences both for your business and you personally.  Back in December, a joint Industry Super Australia (ISA) and Cbus report hit the headlines declaring that 2.4 million workers had been short changed $3.6 billion in superannuation in …
How to be an Authentic All

How to be an Authentic Ally for Minority Groups

At some point in our lives, we all have most likely experienced having or needing an ally. When you were at school, did a teacher ever get you in trouble for something you didn’t do? Were your siblings ever guilty of picking on you? Or were you ever targeted …
Calculating annual leave payout amounts

Annual Leave Payout Calculator [UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2020]

Updated on the 12th of September, 2020 The importance of using an annual leave payout calculator correctly So you’ve come to the decision to dismiss an employee? Of course, you followed our sage advice to have fastidiously applied procedural fairness and maintain detailed records along the way to reaching that …
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