Employment Hero
A judges hammer sitting in it's holder
Firing an employee is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have to do as a boss. It’s also something that is very difficult to defend. In fact, while claims for unfair dismissals skyrocketed in 2015-16, employers achieved successful outcomes in fewer than 40% of these cases. Make …

Five Practical Ways To Curb Employee Turnover

Employee turnover always seems to be a BIG struggle for businesses. When gauging the health of your business, employee retention is a pretty important measure. Generally speaking, the lower the employee turnover number, the better it is. Though the number alone is only half the story. For instance, say you …
In any organisation, large or small, three fundamental systems of record form the business backbone: Accounting and Finance, Customer Relationship Management, and HR and Employee Management. Many businesses now take a strategic approach to managing these key areas by using cloud technologies to run their accounting and finance processes in …
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