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hospitality recruitment guide

Hospitality Recruitment Guide

The hospitality sector is becoming less popular as a career pathway for many people in Australia. This is due to a combination of long hours, stressful working environments and low wages. The recent 457 visa changes and penalty rate cuts aren’t helping this once thriving industry, either. This has left …
Introducing HR software like Employment Hero to your team

The Rules of Engagement: Reward and Recognition

Reward and recognition is the key to employee engagement. Studies have shown that for every piece of criticism that an employee receives, whether constructive or not, six pieces of positive reinforcement are needed to counteract it.  Employees that don’t feel recognised or appreciated are less loyal to their employers …
Objective Key Results OKRs Employment Hero

What are Objective Key Results (OKRs)?

If I told you there was a practical way to align everyone in your company to one big ambitious goal, would you believe me? There’s no catch or secret, it simply comes down to a whole lot of dreaming and implementing OKRs. If the term is new to you, …
employee ghosting

An Employee Ghosting Action Plan

Way back in 2016, LinkedIn published a great article on what had become many companies’ newest nightmare known as ‘employee ghosting’ 👻.  “In fields ranging from food service to finance, recruiters and hiring managers say a tightening job market and a sustained labour shortage have contributed to a surge …
Team discussing company values

Company Values – Marketing Buzzword or Something More?

Regardless of how big or small your business is, every company should have clearly defined and accessible company values. If you still consider values to be a marketing gimmick to acquire companies, then catch up; company values are now considered essential to business success.  What are Company Values? Company values …
first time managers blog-header (1)

How Can HR Help First-Time Managers?

Did you know that if a new manager struggles, their entire team will struggle too? According to Gallup research, managers account for at least 70% of their team’s employee engagement. In other words, a bad manager could result in low employee engagement. As the team responsible for people strategy, HR …
two people communicating in the workplace

Communication in the Workplace: 12 Effective Techniques

Having good communication in the workplace is really important. But why?  It provides purpose ✔️ Effective communication empowers employees by providing the clarity they need to perform their roles with confidence. It eliminates confusion 🤯 Miscommunication can create a lot of workplace confusion. As a result …
manager - blog - styles

Management Styles: Which Type Are You? 

Management styles are very important for a business. It’s one of the most important decisions a company can make, yet 8 out of 10 times companies chose the wrong manager? That doesn’t seem right to us.  It’s easy to assume that those managers just weren’t cut out to …
Two people have a chat to eliminate staff turnover

How to Conquer Staff Turnover

Staff turnover affects even the most successful of businesses. It can be for a wide range of reasons; employees follow their partners across the country, they want to spend more time at home with children, they are looking into a major change in career, following a career promotion, or workers …
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