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Illustration of a diverse team in the workplace

7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Workplace

Your business has recently recruited a rich and diverse workforce with a mix of genders, ethnicities, ages, religions and backgrounds. This fills that diversity quota you’ve been struggling to hit. Luckily now you can simply tick off the diversity and inclusion (D&I) box and be on your …

Get Ready For The Big Shifts In HR Tech

There are fundamental shifts taking place in HR. In these times of critical skills shortages, everyone has woken up to the fact that employees are the most important company asset. And using the right HR Tech will help you get the best out of them. The big HR tech shift …
Employee Surveys - Are they worth the hype_

Employee Surveys: Worth the Hype?

Employee surveys. What are they, should you be using them and are they really worth the hype?  The simple answer is yes, yes and yes.  Encouraging a culture of feedback is one of the best things you can do for your business —   and using employee surveys is one of the …
6 Impactful Benefits of 1:1s - Employment Hero

6 Impactful Benefits of 1:1s

Do you remember the last time you caught up with your direct report to discuss how they’re going? If it’s been more than a fortnight ago, you’re missing out on all the benefits associated with having regular 1:1s.  If you’re new to the concept of 1:1s …
Picture of man finishing a race while his team support him - Servant Leadership blog from Employment Hero

Servant Leadership: Why It’s Not About You, but Your Team

Leading a team can be a great experience that is both challenging and rewarding. However, fast-paced working environments can leave managers with little time check-in with their teams to ensure they’re happy and on track with their work.  Although task-focused leaders are proven to be highly efficient in the …
Picture of woman accessing online courses via laptop

15 Killer Online Courses to Do Right Now

Whether you’re interested in changing careers or picking up a new skill, online courses are the learning of the future.  Today, we no longer need to sit in a lecture theatre or carry around a load of clunky textbooks just to learn a new skill. Online courses have changed …
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