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How to delegate… like a boss!

Your business is your baby. Most small business owners have single-handedly built their business from the ground up, so it’s no wonder so many have trouble sharing the load when staff come on board. In fact, according to 2015 Gallup research, only one in four employer entrepreneurs can delegate effectively. …
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8 ways to combat bias in the hiring process

In the 1970s the New York Philharmonic Orchestra realised they had a diversity problem. With male musicians making up the grand majority of their ensemble, a lawsuit triggered a radical new audition process. Incoming candidates would perform on a stage behind a screen, unseen to the auditioning committee. Every effort …
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Your OKR Guide: Why You Must Use Them

If I told you there was a practical way to align everyone in your company to one big ambitious goal, would you believe me? There’s no catch or secret, it simply comes down to a whole lot of dreaming and implementing OKRs. If the term is new to you, …
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Employee Termination Procedure Guide

Updated on the 8th October 2020 Firing an employee is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever have to do as a boss. It’s also something that is very difficult to defend. In fact, while claims for unfair dismissals skyrocketed in 2015-16, employers achieved successful outcomes in fewer …
Updated on the 7th October 2020 In any organisation, large or small, three fundamental systems of record form the business backbone; accounting and finance, customer relationship management and HR and employee management. Many businesses now take a strategic approach to managing these key areas by using cloud technologies to run their …
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