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Two people have a chat to eliminate staff turnover

How to Conquer Staff Turnover

Staff turnover affects even the most successful of businesses. It can be for a wide range of reasons; employees follow their partners across the country, they want to spend more time at home with children, they are looking into a major change in career, following a career promotion, or workers …
Employee relations are increased and a manager and employee are shaking hands

Employee Relations in your Business

What are employee relations?  Employee relations refers to a business’ efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with all their employees. By maintaining positive and constructive employee relations your business can keep employees loyal and more engaged in their work. Employee relations isn’t just the job of an …
A woman sitting on her living room floor surrounded up open books and her laptop. She is resting a pencil on top of her top lip and shrugging her shoulders at the camera. She has notepads around her taking notes on employee management
Struggling with employee management? It happens, especially with underperforming employees. Despite the best efforts, an employee is underperforming and something has to be done. Managing an underperforming employee is difficult for everyone – the manager, the team and most of all, the employee. However, for the sake of the business, it’…
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