Employment Hero
A woman sitting on her living room floor surrounded up open books and her laptop. She is resting a pencil on top of her top lip and shrugging her shoulders at the camera
It happens. Despite the best efforts, an employee is underperforming and something has to be done. Managing an underperforming employee is difficult for everyone – the manager, the team and most of all, the employee. However, for the sake of the business, it’s absolutely critical that underperformance is addressed as …

Five Quick Tips For A Happier Team

We all know that work is better when people are happier. People are more productive, they’re more engaged and your workplace just sends off those ‘I want to be here’ vibes. We’ve collated five quick tips that you can use to make your employees happier at work (and …
A desk with a large white computer screen, keyboard, mouse and pen resting on top of it

Here’s How To KonMari Your Business

Are you finding yourself bogged down in paperwork and admin? Do you want a smoother and more successful 2019? If you answered ‘yes’, then it’s time to KonMari your business! They say inspiration can strike from anywhere. Thanks to the hit show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the world has …
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