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All About Our WorkLife Features

We’ve been in the news recently. Have you read about our groundbreaking new features? Since starting Employment Hero four years ago, we have focused on making employment easier for businesses to manage with features like compliant contracts and …


8 Tips For Asking Colleagues, Are You OK?

Treat people beautifully. That is at the cornerstone of my people and culture philosophy. Treating people beautifully also means treating yourself beautifully. And so today, before you ask if someone else is doing OK, take a minute to …


14 FAQ Payroll Questions Answered

There’s been a lot happening in the world of payroll lately. The ATO introduce Single Touch Payroll (STP), the national minimum wage increased by 3.5 percent and Fair Work has very publicly audited businesses of all sizes and …


Guide To HR Acronyms

Do you know your FTEs from your PTEs? Having trouble figuring out the FWC and FWO? If you’re thinking, WTH? You’re not alone. The world of human resources (HR) is a veritable smorgasbord of acronyms and abbreviations that …


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