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8 ways to combat bias in the hiring process

In the 1970s the New York Philharmonic Orchestra realised they had a diversity problem. With male musicians making up the grand majority of their ensemble, a lawsuit triggered a radical new audition process. Incoming candidates would perform on a stage behind a screen, unseen to the auditioning committee. Every effort …
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What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to your business. You need the best people to help you grow and scale your company, so it’s no surprise that ensuring you hire the right people can be …

Top 3 Key Important Employee Engagement Statistics You Need to Know

Employee engagement is vital if you want to build a successful business. Its importance in the workplace cannot be understated, and we have the statistics to prove it! Employee engagement can be the defining factor between a well-oiled, and by extension, business, or a company that is stagnant, simply treading …
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11 Unique Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate Your Employees

Remember the last time someone made you feel special or treated you to a fun activity? No doubt you were smiling from ear to ear. Taking the time to celebrate and appreciate your employees’ hard work is important. Not just for your business, but for the health and wellbeing of …
Completing a virtual induction at home

How to Create a Killer Online Induction Program

Picture this. You’re getting ready to start a new job and the first day jitters are plentiful. You sit down at your laptop and are ready to get started when you realise… you have no idea who you’re reporting to, you’re not sure if the company has …
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One on One Meetings: How to Conduct Them Effectively

One on one meetings offer a range of benefits to both management and staff, but many management teams avoid them as they feel they’re uncomfortable or too difficult. However these meetings are essential as they can boost team productivity, morale, and engagement. All while helping management keep their finger …
Objective Key Results OKRs Employment Hero

Your OKR Guide: Why You Must Use Them

If I told you there was a practical way to align everyone in your company to one big ambitious goal, would you believe me? There’s no catch or secret, it simply comes down to a whole lot of dreaming and implementing OKRs. If the term is new to you, …
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