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Illustration of a woman with dogs

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Office

Doggos, woofers, puppers and furry friends… There’s nothing quite like them. They’re a natural mood booster, cuddle buddy and best friend, so it’s no surprise that 2020 has been the year we’ve seen pet ownership skyrocket.  As many Australian businesses transitioned to remote working, there’s no …
A group of people sitting in a panel style set up all with notepads on their laps making notes on incentives and rewards for employees

Rewards and Incentives for Employees: Best Practice

Updated on the 29th September 2020 When it comes to rewards and incentives for employees, every company takes a different approach. There are some similarities, but ultimately, a company’s unique culture and values will dictate how reward and recognition plays out. What’s most important is that reward and recognition …
An employee sitting at their desk reading a book about emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Updated on the 23rd September 2020 What is emotional intelligence? 💡 First, let’s get a baseline on what emotional intelligence actually is. Emotional intelligence (EI), otherwise known as EQ (emotional quotient), can be defined as someone who has the ability to perceive, understand and manage their own feelings …

Employee Benefits Every Company Should Provide

Employee benefits are an elusive term here in Australia. They can mean anything from a fancy coffee machine to discounted or even subsidised health insurance. It can therefore be frustrating for employers to constantly read that employee benefits are on the rise without a clear indication of what job benefits …
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