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Picture of man standing in front of a clock, notepad, target and timer - Self-discipline blog

Learn to Master Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an incredibly useful skill that keeps us motivated, clear-headed and focused on our objectives. Have you ever been tempted to do something in which you later felt guilty about? Times like these are usually due to a lack of discipline. Having self-discipline is important as it helps us …
Picture of a woman and man jumping for joy - Being Positive blog from Employment Hero

How to Be More Positive

Being positive means focusing on the good aspects of your life. As we already know, our diet has a great impact on our health and energy levels.  By eating more nutritious, high-quality foods and avoiding  those that are bad for you, you will have more energy, decrease your risk of …
Zen man office worker floating above desk

Why Workplace Mental Health is Important

Mental health is a billion-dollar issue in Australian workplaces. We look at why it’s so important. Mental health is a huge workplace issue that should be top of mind for managers and leaders across all industries. Why? Because investing in mental health is a win-win for organisations – as Virgin …
Employee worried about their financial wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing: The Secret Struggle Hurting Your Business

We all know that happier employees are more productive and engaged than their unhappy counterparts. We also know that there are many different factors that can influence the happiness of employees, with many workplace initiatives available to employers wanting to improve productivity and in turn profitability.    Why Employee Wellbeing …
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