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Use Data To Create A Wellness Strategy That Works

Here at Employment Hero, we know wellness in the workplace is important. We divert a significant amount of energy towards ensuring our workplace and culture is healthy and have definitely seen the fruits of our labour. Think happier employees, increased productivity and less turnover and absenteeism. We’ve written whitepapers …

8 Tips For Asking Colleagues, Are You OK?

Treat people beautifully. That is at the cornerstone of my people and culture philosophy. Treating people beautifully also means treating yourself beautifully. And so today, before you ask if someone else is doing OK, take a minute to pause and ensure you are OK to have that kind of conversation. …
Look at a company with a reputation for strong employee engagement and you’ll find a high performing business. We’re not making this up. There’s a consistent, statistically significant relationship between higher levels of employee engagement and financial performance. Yet, while employee engagement continues to be more important …
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