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Illustration of a woman at a standing desk working remotely

7 Ways to Manage Remote Employee Wellbeing

COVID-19 changed the way we work forever — and when we’re forced to adapt to a completely new working environment, it’s understandable that some areas get pushed to the wayside. While many of us are now equipped with our remote working set-up, it’s time we shine a spotlight …
the what, why and how reward and recoginition

Employee Recognition: The What, Why and How

Employees who feel valued for the work they do will show higher levels of engagement within your business. They will contribute more, innovate and smash goals. And it makes sense, when we feel valued and recognised we’re motivated to seek the warm fuzzies time and time again. In turn, …
R U Okay? Employment Hero blog
This year, R U OK? Day falls on Thursday, 10 September. The national initiative encourages Australians to ask their friends, family, colleagues or acquaintances a very important question — ‘are you ok?’. Each day, 8 Australians will take their own life. This affects not just their immediate friends and family, but causes a …
Picture of man and woman holding a star - in-office perks to wfh perks blog from Employment Hero

Transitioning Your In-Office Perks to WFH Perks

As parts of Australia begins to ready themselves for the return to onsite work, we are faced with a number of challenging questions. The most prominent being ‘how do we reward employees working from home?’. Recent statistics revealed interest in flexible working arrangements were on the rise, and now, more …
Picture of man standing in front of a clock, notepad, target and timer - Self-discipline blog

Learn to Master Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an incredibly useful skill that keeps us motivated, clear-headed and focused on our objectives. Have you ever been tempted to do something in which you later felt guilty about? Times like these are usually due to a lack of discipline. Having self-discipline is important as it helps us …
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