Onetrak Uses Employment Hero to Support Employees Through COVID-19

Onetrak has been using Employment Hero for a little over a year now and for executive officer and co-owner, Jaime Hazell, it’s one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Together with her husband, David, Jaime has spent the last 14 years growing Onetrak from a small single construction equipment franchise in Brighton, Tasmania to a national brand with several locations across Australia. 


Seamless payruns with Employment Hero Payroll

With almost 100 employees spread out across the country, keeping operations seamless from her base in Hobart is essential. One of Jaime’s biggest responsibilities is payroll, and with Onetrak running both weekly and fortnightly payruns, it’s crucial that everything runs smoothly. “We needed something that would work for our employees,” explains Jaime. “Obviously we chose Employment Hero and I love it; I’d actually be lost without Employment Hero.”

With a mix of both hourly and salaried employees, running 6 payruns a month might sound like a daunting case for some, but to Jaime, it couldn’t be easier. “Our branch admins enter our technicians’ timesheets through the app and then it’s just a matter of me pushing to payroll and cross referencing against the spreadsheets. For a weekly run with timesheets, I can sit down at my desk from 9 to 9.30am and have it done — it used to be a full day.”

And it’s not just payruns that have been streamlined. Employment Hero’s direct integration with Beam automates super payments directly from payroll. Using Beam, super contributions are loaded in a single batch and sent to employees’ super fund without data extracts or visits to external portals. “Beam is really awesome,” says Jaime. “We used to have to do it through the clearing house, but now Employment Hero Payroll is like a one-stop for us.”


Jaime and the team at the opening of Onetrak Bridgewater.










Adapting to the challenge of COVID-19

Like many businesses, Onetrak has had to make some adjustments to their usual processes and Jaime is grateful to have a payroll platform that can adapt. “We’re doing voluntary stand down for the leave, so obviously there’s a lot of manual manipulation, but our payruns run pretty smoothly.” 

On top of being able to run payruns with little disruption to her usual routine, Jaime has also found an ingenious way to support her employees through the pandemic. “We’ve been able to draft dummy payslips so employees can know what their new earnings will be. For example if someone is dropping down from five days to four, they want to know what their super will look like, what their tax will look like, which all comes up with the draft. With this dummy payslip they can contact their bank with their new pay rate and make adjustments.”

Jaime works closely with Alex, Onetrak’s people, culture and risk manager who is also based in Hobart and like Jaime, is working remotely. “Alex does a lot of custom reporting. We always pull reports out of the HR platform and it’s been really handy, especially with the stand downs and reduction of hours.”

Jaime has also been able to provide her team with mental, physical and financial wellbeing support through Employment Hero’s Wellness Widget, an in-platform resource that connects employers and employees alike to the Employee Wellbeing Library. “With COVID-19 we’re using the Wellness section. I pulled tips about using Discounts and cancelling the subscriptions for things like Netflix and gym memberships.”

Onetrak may be running payroll from home for the first time, but both Jaime and Alex are still able to function as close to usual as before. “I think this is my fourth pay run from home. We can’t leave because of lockdowns, but the beauty about it is that we can both do payroll remotely and still do it in half a day in this crisis. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be at the office to process payruns. I could leave in the middle of payrun to pick my kids up from school and still come home and finish it.”


Staying connected with Employment Hero

Though Employment Hero has been invaluable to Jaime over the last couple of months, she’s been an advocate for the platform for much longer. Having Onetrak’s HR and payroll data centralised and accessible 24/7 hasn’t just made her job easier, it’s also helped her engage with her employees. “I actually send all our employees a birthday card when I get the birthday reminders.”

Employee self-service (or ESS) has also given Onetrak’s employees more autonomy when it comes to their employee file. “I know for a fact that they love being able to self-manage their details through this time. If they change their super fund or bank details, I know they enjoy being able to do it themselves. It’s the openness; they can see it all there and change anything they need to.”


Looking forward

When it comes to the future, Jaime is looking forward to utilising Employment Hero more and more. “We feel like we’ve only scratched the surface with Employment Hero. It just saves me so much time. At Onetrak, we’re fortunate that we’re keeping our staff on. If this is the new normal, at least we know we can work through it with Employment Hero.”

If you’d like to learn more about managing your payroll as quickly and efficiently as Jaime, speak to one of our Employment Hero specialists today.

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