What’s the Deal with WorkLife?

Published 12 Sep 2019
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Life Hero on iPad

Since starting Employment Hero five years ago, we have focused on making employment easier for businesses to manage with features like compliant contracts and documents, automated modern award interpretation and paperless onboarding. This has helped make Employment Hero Australia’s leading employment management platform supporting over 4,500 businesses and well over 175,000 employees. With so many users, our platform is large enough that we can offer your employees an amazing employee benefits solution at no extra cost to you. Small and medium businesses often struggle to compete with the salaries, benefits and perks offered by larger employers, but it’s more important than ever for employers to offer employees more. Over one million employees look for added benefits when looking for a new job. A further one million would consider leaving a role if benefits with tangible financial value (like discounts on petrol and groceries) were not on offer. We want to level the playing field for small and medium sized businesses by giving you resources to be more competitive and become Australia’s greatest employers. And WorkLife is how we do it. WorkLife is a suite of employee focused features that make work much more rewarding, and for Standard and Premium Employment Hero users, it’s completely free. You can read about it below, or watch this quick video.

Savings Hero

Savings Hero is designed to help employees identify their savings goals (like an emergency fund or a holiday) and then hep them save for them. Our savings dashboard allows employees to set a goal and actively track their progress through Employment Hero. By better connecting work with life goals, we can help keep employees more engaged and focused. SavingsHero screenshot, from the WorkLife platform

Hero Shop

We’ve leveraged the combined power of over 175,000 employees on our platform and created an online marketplace offering exclusive discounts on everyday products. We offer everything below recommended retail prices and deliver thousands of dollars in savings per year. For example, through Hero Shop employees can access 5% off groceries at Coles and Woolworths and huge discounts at Event Cinemas, Priceline, Apple and more! HeroShop icon, from the WorkLife platform

Life Hero

The line between life and work continues to blur so it is more important than ever for employers to help employees manage their physical, mental and financial wellness. After all, happy and healthy employees are productive employees. We’ve made this easy for you by creating Life Hero, a content hub that gives employees access to a wide range of wellness tools and content to help them grow. Why not start by reading our most popular article to date, Why Mental Health Should Be An Important Topic In The WorkPlace. LifeHero articles from the WorkLife platform


A whopping 52% of Australian employees struggle to pay their bills on time and as a result, over 2.5 million employees have taken out a payday loan. In a groundbreaking Australian first, InstaPay gives employees access to a portion of their earned wages in real time. Best of all, we cash flow these payroll advances and manage all InstaPay transactions – without adding any extra work for you. Here’s what had to say about InstaPay. Watch our webinar about the Evolution Of Flexible Pay to find out more about InstaPay.

Showcase of Instapay, part of the WorkLife platform

  The entire team at Employment Hero is hugely excited about WorkLife and how we can help you and your employees build a better world at work. We believe this is a critical first step toward redefining employment in Australia so that it’s easier and more rewarding for everyone.

Annabel Thompson
Customer Marketing Executive Manager
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