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Skill shortage: your next employee could live here…

Published 1 Feb 2021
3 min read
Skill shortage: your next employee could live here...

Finding the perfect employee is hard. It’s even harder when you’re limited to candidates in a 50km radius. Currently, talent mismatch is worsening. There is a disparity between skills available in local markets and what employers require. 70% of Australian employers stated that skill shortage is likely to impact their business operations in the near future and there needs to be an available solution otherwise, efficiency and growth will decline. Skills such as digital communication, emotional intelligence and digital skills are in demand globally. With the rise of remote work, you can now access a larger talent pool for your business. With Global Teams, skill shortages are a thing of the past as you aren’t limited by borders or location, you’ll have access to talent in 54 countries! Your future employee could live anywhere. Below we outline specific countries and what they specialise in and what skills are in demand there. Searching for an IT consultant? Why not have a look at applicants in Japan that are experts in this field. With Global Teams (a professionalemployment organisation), the world’s workforce is right at your fingertips, enabling you to acquire the dream team. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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Suddenly craving a croissant? Well, the French have a lot more to offer than just delicious food and icons. This country has an abundance of experts in telecommunications, engineering, marketing and education fields that could help transform your business to the next level. On the other hand, the key skills in demand for French businesses are:

  • Supply chain specialists
  • Payroll officers
  • Data analysts


G’day! Australians are a friendly bunch and will be keen to join your business. Australians are clever with a highly educated workforce; 56% of the population hold a post-school qualification and there is a great diversity of industries. The key experts in Australia are from the finance, business, health, education and administration sectors. Australian businesses desire employees with these key skills:

  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Systems engineers
  • Marketing and content managers


Oh Canada, Oh Canadaโ€”how can you help my business thrive? This beautiful country filled with maple syrup and snow-capped mountains has experts in commercial banking, technology, pharmaceuticals and academia, all of which could be your next employee! Canadian businesses are after employees with these key skills:

  • Software developers
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Construction estimators

canadian flag


Known for its delicious cuisine and caring culture, the Japanese workforce is varied and has a multitude of opportunities for companies to seek candidates from this country. Specific areas of expertise include IT professionals, researchers and sales. Japanese businesses need employees who possess these key skills:

  • Data scientists
  • Human resource business partners
  • Indirect and direct procurement specialists


Chile is a beautiful country filled with red wine and a side of professional experts in software development, media, mining and agriculture. However, Chilean businesses need roles filled in:

  • Account management
  • Digital marketing
  • Engineering


Vienna is known as the city of dreams and your next employee could be the dream candidate with expertise in real estate, construction, health care and social work. Austrian businesses have a skill shortage in:

  • Software developers
  • IT consultants
  • SAP consultants

austria is a place that can address skill shortages


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s just your next employee sitting in Singapore’s skyscrapers saying hello (via Zoom). They are probably an expert in communications and media, IT or construction and will help you achieve your business goals. Key skills in demand for businesses in Singapore include:

  • Cloud engineers
  • Financial planning
  • Analysis experts


Their flag is a big plus and an employee from Switzerland could be a big plus to your business! They have expert knowledge in insurance, engineering, medicine and consulting. Switzerland businesses are after these skills:

  • Administrators
  • Helpdesk and support administrators
  • Software developers

The wrap up

As you can see, the world is big and full of talent waiting to fulfil your job roles (and that was only eight countries). Your organisation is full of potential so it’s time to stop restricting yourself, the perfect candidate is out there! If the global workforce connects, there is power for your business to grow exponentially. Look out, world. ๐ŸŒŽ

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