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An Update On Employment Hero Support

As more people discover the value Employment Hero offers and we continue to grow as a business, the question of how we continue to offer the best support to our customers occupies more and more of our discussions.

At the start of April, we made the difficult decision to make phone support a paid service. We didn’t make this decision lightly but as our support team spent more time on the phone, customers were spending an unacceptable time on hold waiting to speak to us and we weren’t getting to email requests in a timely manner.

We know this has been a difficult transition for some of our customers so, in the interest of full transparency, I wanted to share with you the difference that this has made to our email response times.

The graph below shows our first response time to emails (red), customer wait time between emails (yellow) and time to full resolution of an issue (blue) from January until the end of April.

employment hero support tickets graph


Since implementing paid phone support we are:

  • 95% faster at responding to your first email
  • 94% quicker at responding to your follow-up emails
  • We are 93% quicker at resolving your problems

On average we now respond to your emails in less than an hour.

If we look at how we compared in April 2017 to April this year, we are:

  • 98% faster at responding to your first email
  • 90% quicker at responding to your follow-up emails
  • 84% quicker at resolving your problems

This a huge improvement in the service that we’re able to offer all our customers and we want to become even better. We streamlining more processes and investing in an upgrade to our customer help centre later this year. We’ll also be offering some new and exciting ways to further support how you manage your employment in the future.

Overall the move has been a successful one for all our customers and if you do require phone support it is still available for fixed monthly price.

Please contact support to find out more.

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