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The Product Report: September and October Edition

Welcome to your September and October product report.

We’ve been making a number of improvements to our platform, especially around keeping your data safe and rewarding your people, to help build a better world at work.

Thank A Hero – Open Beta

We have just released our Thank A Hero feature into open beta across desktop and mobile. This feature let’s your employees thank each other through Employment Hero and be recognised by your entire organisation.

You can opt your organisation into the beta via the Beta Features Access button at the top of your Employment Hero home screen. If you have any feedback about the feature, please email beta@employmenthero.com.

An example of what Employment Hero’s, Thank A Hero, stream looks like

Announcements on Desktop

Announcements are now available on desktop. Previously a mobile app only feature, you can now make company and team announcements via Employment Hero Desktop. This will give you more flexibility when communicating to your teams.

Better security using time-based one time passwords and Face ID

As part of our push to help make your data more secure, we are now offering time-based one time passwords. This will mean anyone without a mobile device will be able to use 2-Factor Authentication.

For people using a mobile device that has Face ID (like the iPhone X), you’ll now be able use it to re-log into Employment Hero.

Better reporting on syncing issues

We want to make it easier for you to sync your data across to payroll. We have improved our payroll sync to provide a complete list of errors in plain English within the sync dashboard and make a recommendation for how to fix the error.

If the issue can’t be resolved, you will be able to generate a ticket directly to our support team.

Click here to read more on our help centre.

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